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Spinal Trial.




On Nov 9th I will go in for the Electrode trial.


I am tired of pain.

Risky but I will bet all on table now. I live in agony in a world that sees only weakness in it not the strength it has taken to live since 2014 in pain.

And I need pain pills on time.


So the home has policy that pills given in room omly. I got stuck inthe showers and no pain pill given. Policy first.


I need freedom.



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Oh Pam, this is just not good enough and certainly not right, there is no justification for leaving you I pain. It is part of duty of care, a legal requirement,  that they give you pain medication as you need it. Policy be damned. 

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Sue the director of nursing said I needed to go to my room in a shower chair or wheel chair to get the pill. I was crying in pain not temper tantrum. I was polite. I never curse. I called ombudsman and the lady said be careful of complaining. They can say they cannot meet my needs. I have been here 3 years. They said that was policy. And no blood checks no insulin out of room. Nonononon. No one lives by that here before ever. They discouraged it in dining room. I would walk by nurses station and take insulin on way there. Hoping to get to food before it hit. 


The ombud said are they lying to me?

I took a picture of it today.

Ok so weekends are not mon fri but yes

People first.

It was not my fault to be in there. 

Another man went before me. We said ok.but he took longer than expected.

And pain comes on harder sometimes.



I am in a high priced affluent neighborhood close to the hospital.

Inhumane treatment.



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