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Miraculous Mary




A supervisor that used to care for me still does and I gave him a run for the money headache when I first arrived here in agony. 

He went to Paris and brought back Miraculous Mary medallions in a laminated wallet card with a prayer on it. He saw my rosary and we chatted about Catholicism and he promised me one. Last week he appeared with it. I am so grateful for this gesture and I believe in the strength he has loaned to me.


I also appreciate that some know me here understand me and this pain I live with.

I have many who  know  me well here and yet they are employees and I am just a room number. But some of them well they give you a gift of love. 


And then days later my new roomie that I welcomed tried to make friends with  staying up on a thunderstormy night sharing stories loaned my nail polish and then she woke up saying she was warned not to stay in the room with me when she had the chance that no one here liked me and she was tired of hearing me say I also needed help from the cna. Well there is one call light and that we share...I said I did not mind waiting.she can go first. Well she had simply collected info for ammo. She said everyone was sick of hearing me. 

It was cruel. When I tried to tell the nurse that I had no problem with her and did not provoke her she mocked me saing oh the little girl is gonna cry.

I firmly stated I am not crying.

Oh then it was considered argument. They told us to stop.


So I have ignored her. No more chatting.

They still give us 1 cna to share. When I need something I walk to the door.

When the cna comes in she immediately says I pressed the light. Help me.

So what if I also want a coffee too.or pain pill.


Did I mention that a blind man here is my friend. He asked me to be his girlfriend. I said no. This was years ago when I met him. But I visit and accompany him to bingo. He invited me to his birthday. And so we are good friends. He gives roses and I get him stuffed animals. But there is no physical affection at all.None. I am positive it is forbidden and I do not even want to go there. He is 16 years my senior and his english is poor and my Spanish is worse so we are an unlikely pair but I take him to activities.

So....he comes to the room. Calling my name. Unaware she is there! He is surprised! She says hello friend of 13 years. He is friendly back. He asks where I am and I chime in. He visits and I go to



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There are friends that  can turn into enemies, I have had a similar experience, but yours is most difficult being your room mate. Just go on as best you can. Love the blind man as a friend, a fellow sufferer and someone who loves you. Love is important in our lives whoever and wherever we are.

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