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God has granted a gift.




It's been close to 3 long years since I began my application for disability. I never wanted to apply. I never wanted to be in a situation where I was in need of such a thing. It's taken a long time to accept. So I have lived with my dad, depended on my mom, got transportation from my sister. I have been on the roller coaster of after stroke effects, dealing with my family's judgements about these and after seeing my Psychiatrist for over 3 years every other month hearing him say you won't be able to go back to work like before. That's a hard acknowledgement to swallow. But I decided I have to live. There has to be more. There has to be freedom even for me. My mom's family are very big believers in prayer. So they prayed...a lot. So did I. Saturday I went to Nashville to get away and celebrate my birthday a bit. I was ready to be home Saturday night. I got my mail and there were 2 letters from SSA. I took in a breath...I have opened these many times since it all started. Then there were the words...Fully Favorable. I have won my disability case!!!! The second letter is from SSI...I qualify and am going.g to a meeting tomorrow to see what that means. I still feel lost lol. Not sure of how to do this. But I am game! I know many prayers went up Saturday thanking God for hearing me and for an answer. I am beyond blessed, so thankful, and intend on making the best I can of this "thing". I feel like I should be celebrating...and I was Saturday. So much so I felt nauseous...little did I know in an hour I would be in the grip of a stomach virus. Feeling better today. Thought I would share with my second family. Hugs! 🤗



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Congratulations tracy, now that you won the case, you will get all the money backdated, make sure to save some for rainy days. so it lasts you longer. start making budget for yourself, so you can live within your income.




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Exactly what my plan is! I actually will have to have my mom oversee my finances per judge decision. I'm sure this will probably help even more.

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That is such great news Tracy.  Having your Mom help with the money and planning is a good idea. I do hope you can get your own place now!

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That is wonderful news!

You must be feeling such relief and peace...being back in control over parts of your life.

So very happy for you Tracy. 

Hope the stomach bug disappears soon!

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It is about time!!!

They make you earn every penny.


You have a mother to assist in budgeting...you can and will be independent. AND CLEAN.

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