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Its going to be my 15 year stroke anniversary-valentine day combo



This Feb 8 it will be my 15th stroke anniversary valentine day. I can't believe it has been 15 years since I have been to valley of my life's journey, though old wisdom is right you find out who is truly yours when you are at your rock bottom, who is willing to lend you hand & get you out of mud. I found out who truly loves me & willing to stand by me when I was in my worst shape of my life. my siblings, mom, spouse, our son were biggest motivator in me pushing hard to fight for life which is now very stimulating& satisfying.I never knew I could still find so much happiness in my life, even when it felt like my life was over. I guess being stubborn & go with flow personality helps. I guess If I want something or believe in something, I won't give up. & me believing that I have full responsibility towards our son  & he deserves better mom, made me always push myself more, & seeing positive results of it, made me push my boundaries even further. & after 15 years on this journey. life is good again. its different than how I would have envisioned it, though there is still lot of joy in it, Since we started celebrating as  our valentine day I don't dread my stroke anniversary, I actually look forward to it.  Its usually Broadway show with nice dinner & flowers  kind of family date. Anyway I see lot of  good things have happened in my life last year. I pushed envelop little further which have helped my self confidence even further. Few things I learnt hard way, but my life is richer due to it.  hope whoever is reading this blog, never gives up & keep fighting & see how beautifully life will unfold for you the way it did for me






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ASHA, I have so many wise words in my head that came from reading your blogs, I have learned to go with the flow because that is what you have taught me to do. I am so thankful to you and others on here for standing alongside me in my journey with Ray and since his death on my widow walk. Have a great celebration on your stroke/ Valentine's Day celebration.

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