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I am such an idiot, simple problem trying to solve & go in circles




it has to be stroke deficit, but sometimes when trying to think through simple technical problem, one minute I have things  crystal clear in my mind & then after 5 mins it just disappears& I keep on trying to get to the solution & just chase my own tail in developing simple software code, which should be so easy. It is so frustrating the way I am doing my volunteer work, I am glad its volunteering or else I would have been fired so long ago. though people working in my team must be thinking such an idiot can't figure out simple things. but I guess that's the reason I am retired from the work force since my cognitive skills are impaired




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Hi Asha, 

        I don’t know if you even remember me but I read your blog often. You, Kimmie and Donna really saved me 14 years ago when I was a new stroke survivor. I love this last blog because I too have just started volunteering a few months ago. I too realize why I am not in the real workforce and I’m sure I would have been fired months ago as well.  The positive about both of us volunteering is, at least for me, I feel I am being useful and making a small difference. 

      I’m in Colorado now. My hubby of 37 years passed away last year and I am trying to build a new life.

i always enjoy your insights into life. Thank you for sharing! Kathy



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Hi Asha, the main thing is you are out there trying. Yes there's a reason you are no longer in the paid workforce. But despite that you are willing to give it a go. Sometimes writing down the steps as you think of them helps, main thing is don't let it get you down. The more you practice the sooner your brain will rewire for the skill you are trying to get back, but in the process there will of course be times things don't work (probably most times).


Keep trying!


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I haven't had a stroke, so I just blame my lapses on my advanced years. You will work it out in the end. I know you have a fine intelligent mind so it is just a case of retraining it. Though I guess you must be sick of people saying that to you.

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