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February 2019



It's been a while since I have written. Things are changing...some good some not so good but I'm rolling with it. I am happy to say I have started to volunteer here on Strokenet as a Chat Host since the passing of our friend Denny. This is for you Denny and all the other great members here at Strokenet. I hope I do it justice. So far it's been a joy and I have caught back up with some chat friends I haven't seen in a while. I welcome any of you to join us in Survivor Chat Room #2...my schedule is Monday 3-4 EST and Wednesday 3-4 EST but there are many other scheduled chats. Pull down the chat chat drop down list at the top of screen and check out the chat schedule.


Last time I blogged, I think it was the beginning of 2019. I talked about my past meeting my present. Things in that area have been calm since and no pressure. I'm glad. Now I will update you on my dad and his lung cancer journey that started last year. He had a scan in December I think and was told the cancer is gone. I know he felt so much relief...we all did. Then in early January his regular Oncologist called (the Oncologist that read and gave my dad the good news was not his regular Oncologist...he was on vacation). He started apologizing first before anything...more than once. That is when he told my dad that he wanted to look at his latest scans himself and that they had missed a new cancer spot on the opposite lung. He did tell my dad that he would have to have a biopsy to be sure but he was pretty sure. After the confirmed biopsy my dad was told it was stage 1 and not near a lymph node like the first and that he would only need radiation 3 times. This time would take longer and would be stronger and he would be strapped to the table for accuracy. It was a hard 3 treatments...painful because of the length, being strapped down and having a larger dose. He seemed pretty depressed. Since then we have waited until the newest scan last week. He has had pneumonia in between those times and was hospitalized but thankfully feels better. My stepmom told me that his newest scan shows a "cavity" in a new area. I put cavity in quotes because they are not sure what it is...a left over area from pneumonia or a new cancer spot. He will have it tested soon. I will update when we know more. Until then...just helping to keep his spirits up.


I blogged about winning my Disability case and 1st having Medicaid for a month and then Medicare and now Part A, B, and D. The Medicaid was backdated to June 1st  2017 and my Medicare to January 2018. So I have been busy working on past bills and collections. I've even sent my medications in since my mom paid cash for these (I could not). Having trouble though...some Medicaid says they have determined it not medically necessary, some is not approved because I got more than 30 days at a time (90 day Rx), some are even when i was hospitalized last year with a really bad chest infection and severe asthma and on oxygen (deemed not medically necessary. 😤 GRRRRRRRRR  I am being penalized because I got 90 day Rx's when I could to save my mom money....I had no idea I would have retroactive Medicaid with ridiculous rules. How could I have known. Besides those 90 Rx's were the same as 3 30 day Rx's. 🙄 So it's been a sort of exhausting battle...I'm still fighting.


I also had positive dreams of being able to get my own place when I won. However, I can't afford housing on my SSDI income alone. I am going to have to apply for our state's section 8 voucher program to help me. There are 4 areas in TN and each opens on the "waiting list" for 1 day.


EDIT: I had stopped writing this blog a bit ago so there have been some changes. First, I am finally on the housing list (pre-ap list)...so happy and breathing ok ready for the next step. I am truly enjoying being a part of the volunteer team here and hosting some chats. Thank you to all of you who have joined in and please I invite anyone who would like to come hang out (check chat schedules). I am now doing cognitive behavior therapy once per week via the internet. It's going great so far. 🙂 I'll just end this blog with a hug and thank you. Things are changin...some good and some not but I am well. Looking forward to the rest of March.


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Me too, prayers for your Dad and you too. Being on  a list can be frustrating because they seem to move slowly but at least you have hope now. I am glad to hear you are enjoying chat. Keep up the good work.

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Tracy :


I am glad things are going pretty well for you, I have heard once very wiseman say this "obstacles will be there". but he believed obstacles were there to make sure how badly you want certain things, & if you want something bad enough you will keep on working & find a way around it, so he used to say obstacles are there for "other people" 🙂 not for him. google Randy Pausch  and his last lecture on youtube,very inspiring guy.


I had read book on cognative therapy quite impressive




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