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wow time has passed




I guess I haven't anything fantastic to say-- I just realized it had been so long since I checked in . Its been a cold LOOOng winter in North Dakota-- although sounds like it has been for all in the USA.... Dan is doing alright--- the fiascos of the nursing home continue... He taught the aids and admin a lesson . He is very OCD - he asks the staff to take garbage out with them when they leave the room. They did not, kinda a  passive aggressive thing with the staff . apparently it got left overnight, so the next day he flushed the garbage down the toilet, plugging the toilet. So they take the garbage now when he asks. Typical Dan -- Lots and lots of staff VS Dan power struggles . I just chuckle - anyone fighting with a brain injury - aka stroke . Is gonna lose. Hope all is well... NancyL



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Your Dan certainly has a way of getting his message across. Nice to hear from you. Hope you are doing okay. For me it is one day at a time but I do enjoy life, always something happens to make me smile every day. Today it was two little girls sitting at the next table having a milkshake and blowing bubbles, typical four year olds. Hope you feel great when your Spring comes, I'm sure you will  as you've had such a harsh winter

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Oh my.. valuable lesson learned. I must say.. I'm kinda on Dan's side.. I am a stickler 🙂 Glad to hear you fared well with the cold weather .

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Nancy :


good to hear back from you, every brain injury is so unique.No wonder he was so hard to deal with at home, you made the right choice.





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I don't envy you having to deal with the cold and the snow.....you  need a getaway to AZ again!   lol    Glad to hear Dan is doing okay....I can only imagine how frustrated those nurses must be!    lol




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