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another AHA for my sunday



I so look forward to my Sundays with my AHAs with super soul sunday & being married to my very spiritual, practical soulmate, my life is very rich with all ths AHAs. Today oprah while interviewing bradley cooper for his role in star is born as actor, director said "Art is kinda form of prayer", my husband quickly added Any work you do is a form of prayer, & AHA light bulb went in my head, its so true any work we do, if we do we should be doing as form of prayer, such that even if its volunteer work or you are working for money, or doing duties as mother & wife, it should be done as our prayer to God, & we try to do our best with our capabilities & not get attached to results, will give us most satisfaction in life





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So true ASHA, whatever you do if you do it in the right spirit is an offering up of something special, if you like it is a prayer.  So much of life is selfish pursuit but whatever you do with pure motivation is bound to bring you joy. Keep on widening your mind to embrace the positive possibilities in life. 

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