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we all have our everest to climb in life




Recently I watched very inspiring talk given by girl who lost her leg in senseless robbery & train accident. It was quite amazing to hear her talk about ordeal she went through. after she was thrown off  moving train for  resisting her gold chain robbery  & she fell on track & losing her leg in process.  Anyhow after she got treated with prosthetic leg, being national volleyball athlete she decided she would climb mount Everest with her prosthetic leg. Think about courage she had. one line stuck with me you are handicapped because of your limiting thoughts & not by your physical ability.  I was telling hubby about this girl's amazing journey & he said something very interesting lot of times in life we stop ourselves thinking OMG this is so hard and I can't do it, & when you push it through it & do it that's your mount Everest. I know in course of my day I go through many limiting thoughts, if I remember his line that this is my mount Everest, it will give me that courage strength to push past my fears.





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