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More and More Scientific Information on CCAS




I had a massive bilateral cerebellar infarct in the PICA region. Since July 5, 2015 a whirlwind of things happened and eventually after a very long evaluation from a Neuropsychogist... I was diagnosed with CCAS or Cerebellar Cognitive Affectice Syndrome. I still have deficits that are not considered as part of CCAS symptoms but this diagnosis (which may I add is extremely accurate according to what happens to me daily) has been quite the controversy. Something a stroke survivor never wants. My experience has led me to my wonderful Psychiatrist (I credit him for believing in me and researching on my behalf which over 2 and a half years has led to the best help I have had thus far). He is absolutely there for me and continues to work to find a better treatment. I thank him everytime I see him which is a lot (every other month). I also have Cognitive Behavior Therapy each week. I want to point anyone who is interested to the growing information about CCAS to the many articles which are growing quickly in number. Science and the Medical world have in the past thought the cerebellum was only responsible for a very specific job. One that did not include emotion at all. Newer research has proven that is not the case. The cerebellum contains more than 50% of all the neurons in the whole human brain. The "Little Brain" is doing a lot more than we realize. Thanks to research lead by Dr. JD Schmahmann and his colleagues there is new medical science being discovered about the human brain. All in all it is fascinating and for me it is miraculous. Here are the words I searched on Google:


Cerebellar Cognitive Affectice Syndrome bi-polar, schizophrenia, ADD, mental illness


If you are fascinated by the human brain, curious of medical discoveries, or like me and are all of those things plus (I had a cerebellar stroke) and I hold a passion for learning about others strokes as well... Heck the brain in general!!!... Then this will interest you. 🙂 OK I also want to share why I am cooky lol. 



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