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Gardening Adventures - and a teachable moment.



Ah yes, an exciting day full of teachable moments...


I have a pretty bad ant problem under the paving stones. I went onto a gardening website and asked about the best way to get rid of them that is both earth friendly and not dangerous for Daisy. Daisy is a Golden Retriever who gets into anything and everything, even at 10 years of age. I got a reply - use diametaceous earth.  I have a photographic memory, and thank goodness, I didn't lose that post stroke. I could picture the container, and exactly which cupboard it is in. It's been in the basement and moved around for about 20 years, and that's no exaggeration. I can't remember the last time I used it. So, thinking it would be a great idea to start by trying it on the front path, where Daisy can't go, I set off to start torturing those hard working ants.  First squeeze of the bottle, and the plastic container cracked, spilling about 32 ounces of white powder all over the walkway, my bare feet, my sandals, and thanks to a well timed gust of wind, all over my clothes. 


Lesson learned - what NOT to do:

Wear good jeans, bare feet and sandals.

Don't check for breezes when using a powdery substance.

Be sure to use a really old plastic bottle, which will immediately crack open.

Decide to sweep bits of it all over the sidewalk - which now looks like some kids went crazy with white chalk.



  Strip down immediately, hose down shoes and feet before coming into the house.

Wash all clothing in the washer.

Forget that the washer is on and have a shower, as there is nothing like those nice moments of no pressure while there is soap in your eyes.

Be sure to hurry, so that when you are getting the soap out of your eyes, you miss your eyes and your fingernail goes up your nose and thanks to the blood thinners, a robust nosebleed commences. 

Change into pyjamas at 6:25 pm and call it a day.


Now all I need to do is buy some more on Amazon, along with a proper dispenser, and find a YouTube video on proper application


Lesson learned.


Geez Louise!







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S ounds like something I would do though I do use closed toed shoes as I have dropped heavy items on my toes before now. Some products warn you to wear a mask too if you have allergies. I have used a product called ant sand which is probably something similar. My Mum used to use boiling water, also earth friendly.  Good luck with future gardening.

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When doing that sort of job remember before you start that Murphy loves an opportunity. So you have to be one step ahead of him. Like Sue when I lived in a house with pavers the "ant sand" and boiling water were my gotos when the little guys got too adventurous. You never completely get rid of them but they can be discouraged.  That accidental finger up the nose does sound familiar too, and of course as you are in the shower (hot steam) it seems to go on forever.  good luck with the next attempt.

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Cinnamon!!! Believe it or not I remember hearing that ants do not like cinnamon. When I moved out of my dad's house I noticed a million ants under the big trash receptacle outside. I grabbed the big container of cinnamon my stepmom had gotten from Costco. I spread it over the entire area and tada the ants were gone the next day. 🙌


Sue that puts a new spin on adventure! I was overwhelmed and exhausted for you! 😅

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Tracy's comment about the cinnamon reminded me the other thing they don't like is peppermint oil. It has to be the real stuff not peppermint flavour essence. I have it for chocolate making as anything other than oil stops the chocolate setting. I've only used it inside though. When they are coming into the kitchen I find the hole they are entering by and run a peppermint oil soaked cotton bud around it. they won't walk over it

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