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Looking ahead as cheerfully as I can




It is only a few days before I am off to Sydney to have the brain operation. I am not scared, my angel still has her finger on the problem spot. I am packing an assortment of bed wear keeping in mind I may not necessarily be able to pull anything over my head. I know it is a long recuperation but do not know the stages of healing. I have spoken to people who have had the operation but for most of them it was in their 40s not their 70s.


The school holidays are here and Alice and Trevor have been down from Broken Hill for a few days. It is always a chaotic time with them but lovely to have the company of a lively seven year old. The Nintendo Wii was used a lot and she tried to beat me at every game we played. Mostly I gave in and allowed her the victory. We went to the local parks, had some nice walks and she and Trevor managed a couple of hours buildings and castles on one of the local beaches.


We also had dinner one night with Pamela and the two boys. Tori was still in Adelaide having some extra tuition, with her major exams in four months time she felt she needed to do some catch up work. I will see her on Monday. I spend the weekend with Shirley and family two weeks ago. As usual  she is a tower of strength to me. She will be by my side right up till the operation time and there when I come out of recovery.


It was good to see the grandchildren, they are all so different but I love each for their positive qualities. Christopher is at University and seems to be doing well, the others range from Year One to Year  Twelve. I try to keep up with what they are doing, what their interests are etc. I have not been travelling much so I am glad Trevor has decided to come to the Coast for his week with Alice each holiday. It is facing that long drive, 14 hours each way, that I admire him for. I know many would not make the effort.


I am following my usual routine, that is making it much easier to find my way through the waitng days. It has been difficult at times not to  worry  that  my future may not be as I had planned but  I have promised myself to live as well as I can whatever happens. All those years of living with Ray's many disabilities have  given me the courage to look at my own future with a better attitude. We can do so much more if anxiety is kept at bay. And hopefully the days ahead will be better than I am anticipating right now.



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Sue, you are so inspirational. 


All this going on, and you take time to reach out to me.


I'm so glad you have had time with your family before your Sydney trip.


Many prayers for you, Sue, as you trust so many with your health. 


Prayers for healing, steady hands from the doctors. 

Prayers for empathy and compassionate care from hospital staff.

Prayers for your family as they await news after the operation. 

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Sue :


you will be in my thoughts & prayers  for successful surgery & quick recovery time without any complications. you have lot of angels watching over you.




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Sue, I have just had a thought...

Would someone in your family be able to let us know how it goes? That you are ok?

I know that everyone would appreciate knowing. 

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