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Back home after the operation




I arrived back home from hospital this afternoon. The operation to clip the aneurysm has been deemed a great success. When they said a headache for two weeks  I wasn't thinking of a face ache but that is what I have. The medical team have been thrilled with the success of the operation in " an older woman". I must say I am pretty pleased myself. I will endeavour to post a longer blog at a future time. I just wanted to let you all know that our prayers were answered and that apart from heavy bruising and a little pain and discomfort I am just fine. Walking , talking and commenting on the world around me.



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Hi Sue HUGS and so pleased it all went well.  Good luck with the face ache, I hope an ice pack is enough to relieve it.

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Sue :


so happy you are back & all is well in your world other than just bruising.  I am sure all your family & friends now can breath sigh of relief




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Happy for you that all went well.....you are one tough cookie, and we hope to have you around for a long time to come!    Take care, rest while you can, and look forward to seeing you back on here posting again soon.




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So happy it all went well-- your one tough lady. Many of us know that for sure... You've been there for us to learn those caregiving skills for our loved ones affected by stroke.... Get some need rest -- NancyL

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