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not feeling great about life in general right now



I am usually upbeat person, but last few days have thrown me off the track & I am not feeling so great about my life in general. ok now where do I begin, It started with my PMS, my blister which makes it harder to walk & trying something new at work & royally stuck because I don't know where to turn for help.


Now you got gist of my confused life, I still have lot to be thankful  for amazing family spouse, son, brother, sisters, mom, nieces & list is endless but I still feel lonely, miss having best friend with who I can yak & tell all my troubles.


Anyway I will stop complaining, I do have lot to be thankful about life in general



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ASHA, life is full of frustrations and challenges and sometimes that outweighs our general contentedness. It can be harder challenges sap our energy and  produces a mild case of burnout so maybe pace yourself and  take some downtime as you need to. I look at this part of my life as a challenge and try to think what am I supposed to learn from this?


Is there among your family and friends people who could become a small group of women you can get together with occasionally? This might be the start of the kind of support group you are looking for. I have several groups I go out to coffee with and they provide me with ideas, albeit sometimes crazy ones, to look at when I have a problem. As we age our ideas need an update and different people come into our lives whose wisdom is relevant to where we are today. 

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Hi Asha, hang in there and "breathe" there are days where everything you touch falls apart, and fighting with company governance processes is one of the things that sets me off almost every time.  Right this instant I came onto stroke net because there's something in the work interfaces I'm trying to get setup and everyone is sending me around in circles with "that is wrong" as the only feedback.  How do you fix it when they won't tell you what they actually need you to do 😵


I guess what I'm saying is sometimes it all gets too much for all of us so back off, think about something else and tackle it again when you are calmer.  There will be an answer and you will find it or the person who can help.  Life is like this sometimes you don't have to be happy and grateful all the time.  Like Sue said, take some "me time" meditate/pray look for what you CAN do and make some new plans.  Is there a community centre near you who would have groups you can join. Something like a chatty craft circle, or book club...

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just a suggestion....listen to some Joel Osteen sermons. He is so positive and uplifting I find it very helpful.It keeps me motivated to do all the crazy stuff I do weekly.

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Unfortunately, it's a part of life.  Do whatever helps you to cope.  Sit in a corner.  Cry.  Throw things (preferably outdoors).  Hug someone.  Exercise.  Sleep.  Watch Netflix.  Scream in the woods.  

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Hello ASHA! Thanks for venting. I also am almost always an upbeat person. Truth be known, too upbeat for a lot of people. I don't take life serious enough for many but don't care and will not and would not change for all the money in the world. I will say a stroke will get your attention and make you a little more serious. At least at 1st. lol I really don't know how someone is able to work after having a stroke. That must be very hard. I was 64 and had been retired 5 years when I stroked out. I'm damaged but make it work. No problems ever swallowing and (to the disappointment of some I'm sure ha-ha) talked fine after not a very long time. I was a mailman at a major university in Detroit for 40 years. It was not a real demanding job but just the same I can't imagine going back post stroke. It sounds like you have a great support team like myself. We're blessed with that for sure. I think you will progress nicely. Onward!

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