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I just recently reached two years since my stroke. I have come quite a way in recovery, but not yet satisfied.I have explored and used many devices, programs, exercises, OT and PT, and all this has contributed to my present state of ability.I often hear"you look great" Or" you are doing well." But people don't see the daily struggle  to do simple life tasks, and  how hard it is to stay motivated to progress.

I go to a gym....LA Fitness, every other day, on a regimen.When  I first went a year ago,it was very hard to do any exercise  machine.Now i do all the machines.

It helps my strength, attitude and I meet so many people there,it is very motivating.

Ive just begun to use my left ( affected) arm to use 4 different machines. I can hold the handle with my hand, sometimes aided at grabbing it with my right .

I am pulling a weighted pully across my body both left and right and then up and down.My shoulder has improved, and my elbow gained flexibility.

Still, I only use 3 to 5 pounds.I will add weight when I can.What is gratifying is that I can get down on the floor and do stretches.I am able to get down and back up on my own, sometimes painful, but tolerable.It truly helps my back and overall feeling to do this.

What ia new is my volunteering as a stroke peer helper at our very large local hospital.This is just beginning, and I have a bit more training to attend, though i have done some already. I am a bit nervous about my mental-emotional stability when I meet someone who is experiencing all the effects, and might have the pseudo-bulbar affect in full swing,I surely don't want to join them in a crying jag.

All in all I deal with each day and what it brings,always optimistic and seeking some recovery I might  see, that is too subtle for anyone else to notice. Its great to be alive. I add prayers every day for full recovery and healing. Ive been led to  many thing by listening to people I have met, and showing genuiness and thankfulness.I now do acupuncture once  weekly which came about from a chance meeting.In the past months I had an opportunity to participate in a college clinical trial, and use a Saebo flex glove,as well as try a hyper-baric chamber for a month.






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Congratulations on your progress! I was told that two year was all the improvement I would see. Not so. I can now say that since my stroke 12 years ago, improvement never stops until you do. The rate of improvement does slow down and that makes it harder to stay disciplined and do what you need to do. Just this month I have started some hip strengthening exercises I was shown many years ago but never got to. I am seeing improvement in my walking gait and balance and foot drop and drag. Don’t give up! Again congratulations from one who knows how hard it is to be motivated everyday.

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Congratulations to you both on the hard work which has contributed to your recovery as well as your positive attitudes. I am 11 years post stroke and continue to improve although much more slowly now than in the first few years I am concentrating on my fitness (stamina) just now, using a recumbent exercise bike daily.

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:cheers:Cheers to your progress!!!!! Sometimes it's hard when you hope that after so long more will start happening. That's true, just not outwardly seen. Hearing you look great isn't always something you believe but when you don't always feel it. But your mental outlook is what people recognize most and it looks like yours is GORGEOUS 

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We are cheering you on. I watched my husband struggle back from stroke after stroke, it was hard to motivate him because he knew whatever gain he made he would lose with the next stroke, it used to break my heart. But for you it is really worth the effort and I guess you gain strength of mind at the same time. Go for it!

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thanks all for the comments, I try to do something positive every day, it may just be lunch with a friend, but it makes the day more  worthwhile

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Way to go with the working out . We have some similarities with our left sides. I can grab and hold something with my left and lately have carried things like cups of coffee to another room and set it down normally. I have a cabled weight machine here that I try to make sure I use every other day. I do butterflies, bench presses, leg lifts and front an back pull downs. I also do some deep squats while holding on to the weight machine for balance and some assistance. It might take me anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes to do. That is not long and I tell myself there is no excuse to not at least do that. It's not a whole lot but for someone pushing 70 I think it's good. Congrats on becoming a volunteer. That will be rewarding. Onward my friend!

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Alan,  Congratulations on your continuing progress towards recovery! Yes, stroke recovery is long and HARD, but you're getting there, one step at a time, one day at a time. And it looks like you are having a very active, fulfilling life while you're doing it! Your positive outlook will take you far in life! What an inspiration to us all! 

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