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Oh my




I haven’t written for a while. But I had to write this for I am so happy?!?!?!

I was sitting on my front yard (a common front yard for I live in a condo) and had my bathing suit top, shorts and on my stomach reading a good book. I was unaware of anything for I was deeply involved in the book. When I got up and re positioned my chair I head a “hello” and I couldn’t see for I as wearing my reading glasses. I took them off and he extended his hand and introduced his self. I can’t remember his first name but we joked for his last name is Kelly and I said it was spelled wrong. He told me that he was looking at a unit to buy, we had some small talk and I explained that I know all the units, in my building, were already occupied.

You could tell I wasn’t in to small talk because I was putting my glasses back on. He walked in the parking lot and called the agent and he came back and told me it was 23 not 31. Again… me- oblivious

I said “ I hope you find it and have a good day. He asked me if I was single and I said yes and he asked me if I wanted to get drinks.. I told him I don’t drink and he said dinner?

I was almost ready to say ‘no thank you’ but WTH I deserve it.. He asked for my cell phone # and was off and I came in.


I’m nervous to make “THE TALK” you know.. Why I am the way I am. This has always been my fear.  But dinner is marriage lol. The real test is if he calls. .


I did day to him. “Hope to see you again” but the way I said it was like I would say at the bank.. Informal politeness.

But we’ll see But just asking was all I needed



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he called but there's just no similar things together so maybe just a friend. I told my mom , and she helped me, that I was going to sign up for on line dating. It'd not really my thing but I don't go to bars and such and this is a seasonal town. In the Winter, everything turns.. quiet.  I told her that may survivors have to do that because on not going out and also, I can weed out the ones that want something I can't do. ( ex. skiing)

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Kelli one of my absolute best friends is male.

I wouldn't be without him.

Heather is right, having him friends when he lives nearby is a real positive. 

I have friends who are now married that met online. 

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But better news-ish:


 I did go on a dating site and I was matched with someone who isn't my first go to.. ( i like tattoo& piercings) f you couldn't already tell by how I dress but ANYWAY:::::


Many people don't know where I work is a place for individuals with either physical or mental disabilities. I love it. This was similar to my very first job in Florida but it was an institution. I now am in apartments where individuals can begin to integrate in  the community. Assistant living but my 'apartment' is a mini group home for someone has to be there 24/7 due to their health issues. It's cool. I love spending time there for I use "reverse physiology' on one  of the residents.. am I'm not lying for she helps me walk. ( someone needs to hold her hand so she won't run away) I do need help.. ok there's what I do.

I was contacted by one gentleman who questioned the name of my employer. He woulds as a case worker for out company. He's not affiliated  but how cool is that. I've been told it takes a special someone to have the patience and landed on my lap.. someone who gets it and MAYBE could understand my challenges. 🤞

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