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trying to find limitless soul within you




I guess I attract towards spiritual teachings of all religions. recently in temple near our home they started discussion & lecture series on  hindu religion's most sacred book Bhagwad Gita which  teaches you how to live limitless in this limited world. It was quite a interesting session, where you meet very similar thinking people and trying to find contentment  and  deeper meaning in your life. Gita's teachings revolves around doing your duties according to roles you are playing in your life mother daughter, friend, wife whatever role you are playing to best of your abilities without any attachment to any results. you just do your duties without getting attached to results or thank you in return, you do it as your offering to God, &  another interesting thing which  we will be discussing in our next classes is  how we human beings are limitless &  not be bounded by this external limits we put on ourselves oh I m not tall enough or pretty enough or smart enough limits but knowing we are enough  & all what we need is all within us will be  our class discussion. So I am looking forward to all these intellectual stimulation for my mind & soul.







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ASHA that sounds so interesting. I could do with looking at the limits I put on myself. I am finding it hard to let go of the fear that has been part of my life for the last two years. I need to do the "I am enough" self talk. You are always an inspiration to me ♥.

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