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sun is always shining & just behind the cloud does not negate the fact that sun is still out there somewhere




Like I have mentioned before, weekend I usually spend in my spiritual learning, Saturday evening usually reserved for learning of our hindu scripture Bhagwad Geeta, whose teachings I find it very relevant for all human beings, & my Sunday mornings I love to spend in Oprah's super soul Sunday series where she brings in guest who can depart great teachings through their book  by sharing their experiences in life. It was surprising these both days teaching were about same thing like Sun is always out there shining which is eternal truth, just because right now it is hiding behind cloud does not mean Sunlight or sun never existed before, its that cloud aka our faulty understanding  which got blocked by cloud needs to disappear to see that eternal truth, that was my own AHA moment, so we need to work towards our understanding to realize what is eternal truth & what is cloud which alters your reality about situation like our ego,anger,jealousy, all those bad vices we all human have, which clouds our reality.  So knowing to identify these clouds & understand the eternal truth is goal of our human experience. I was like wow I get it now, but I am sure I will forget as soon as something won't go according to how I want it to go,   that's why I  keep on gravitating towards this timeless teaching to clear cloud which sometimes  block my vision  about my own life experiences  & experience pain, suffering & other useless emotions.





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ASHA there is always a discrepancy between what we know and what we do because of what we know. It would be great if we remembered those great words that impressed us so much when we first heard them but alas! in our moments of crisis we don't. Hopefully what happens is that the experience softens us and we spend less time being angry and frustrated. And recover more quickly from our times of being down.


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Asha, my view is we constantly need AHA moments, both spiritually and in our every day life, with the hope our spiritual life becomes our every day life.


May God continue to grant you aha moments.




J x

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Be gentle with yourself my dear Asha because you are the most insightful and kind person I have ever met. All of our emotions are there for a reason to teach us to show us and to share our Humanity in our vulnerability. If we are always going to Aspire for perfection we will have to have many many examples so it's very wonderful that other people write books and share their 

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