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A New Year




So it's 2020! I'm not usually into blogging or journals etc. But some times I loose track of my recovery and dip into depression. Every day seems such and effort and I try and keep an attitude of gratitude, for still being here if nothing else. Daily improvement is so slow that I loose sight of my baseline, which is I can out after the stoke paralyzed in both limbs on the left side and unable to speak. Yesterday was New Years Eve and my last physio therapy session in which I ran. My recovery has been amazing or so I'm told 🙂 that's another reason for gratitude. So I'm starting this (we will see if I mange to maintain it.) Another member was saying they are starting to keep a jar in which they write about something good that's happened in the week and put in the jar. So this I will use as the jar and set my goals for the coming year.

1. Write a post about at least one god thing that's happened every week.

2 Get to the gym at least twice a week unless out of town.

3. Use the treadmill at home if not going to gym. 

4. Take Sundays as a relaxation day and do nothing.

5 Loose some weight - now 191lb I was at 175 before the stroke.


OK off to the gym.



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Good plan Kev! That so slow progress can be hard to come to grips with.

Goals are good but don't beat yourself up if/when you miss a day.  The aim is to create a habit which takes time so maybe start with micro habits at first that will lead up to your big goals. Its the new big thing I heard someone discussing this on the morning radio the other day


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kevin :


welcome to wonderful & therapeutic world of blogging. you will see huge benefits of logging like I discovered for myself which has made me blog junkie.  I feel this site & blogging played huge role in my life in getting rid of my depression. Happy New year & I am planning to do good things jar this year, it will be my to do list task every sunday along with my watching supersoul sunday series.


keep on blogging.





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Welcome to the Blog Community Kevin, hope you love it as I always have and make friends here which I have also done. A blog is a great way of putting what you experience into words, something you can look back on in the months to come. Including physical progress, emotional rebuilding, increase in activities, can also help others to look at and quantify their own experiences. And remember the occasional pity party just shows you are human like the rest of us.

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Happy to see your blog Kevin! Looking forward to reading your positive goals and progress! This is defintely a great way to utilize the blog. Me...well I think I have leaned on getting any frustrations out of my head and then can type my way through to a better understanding. I'm not sure how helpful it is to others lol but its good for me. Your positive intentions may rub off on many!!! Kudos!!! :happy:

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Well first week of year done.

I made it to the gym twice - objective received

I stared Yoga class - intend to do 2 per week

I used the tread mill

Resisted snacking and weight dropped tp 186.6 b like a 5lb lose


I finished physio therapy news Year eve with a 40 ft Run. So my recovery is going very well. I still get unbalanced and wobbly when I get tired. The headiness (like a drunkenness) which has been present since my stroke seems to be reducing 🙂 Starting the Yoga seems to be timed very well Some of the poses I would not have been able to do a month ago. There was a lot of gentle muscle stretching and my legs felt jelly when we were done just like they do after physio but  I wasn't trashed. 2 days later the muscles had toned up better and at the gym the workout went easier.


I am now at a stage that if I'm not fatigued and I am focused my walk looks normal but it still requires effort on my part.


My left arm is generally functioning well but I noticed last night in certain less common actions it still has spasmodity. I need to check that out.


Been vey snowy here. Lost power on the solar system so had to get out and brush the panels!large.DSCN5004.JPG.1f520cb5c3be20ffb9c4c9078a7d4107.JPG

I have a lot of other activities (political) coming up this week so I may have to compromise my objectives. A break in the weather would be nice to let me back in the saddle.



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Wow Kevin you are killing it!!!!! Great job!!!!! Happy snowball to you as well... looks like a lot of work but probably good therapy as long as you are careful! I am quite jealous but only to a certain extent...seeing the snow makes me jolly...feeling the cold does not so a picture is wonderful!!!!! 🙂

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wow kevin :


great job on your first blog all goals accomplished, it will be easier if you create new blog for your every new entry instead of adding into same blog, since we don't realize if somone just adds the comment, but new blog gets publishes & people get to read it.




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