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Happy New year




Happy New year everyone.hope you all had wonderful year. For our family 2019 year was filled with lot of joy.  most importantly our son got into one of the top medical college in the USA making all of us so happy & proud of him. & he already finished his first semester there & enjoying himself, he has great set of friends & amazing professors who all are all great doctors who want to make a difference in people's life, & according to him none of his professors have any big air around them, they treat their students  as if these kids will be their future collaborators, so every one is treated with lot of respect, I guess I need to start treating him like adult & not child & micromanage whenever he comes home for holidays. lesson for mom to learn.  now change of subject,


I am not a person ever to make resolution for new year, but this year after reading my favorite blogger's blog I have decided to do two important things for year 2020. I have decided to do good things jar for 2020.  its kind of gratitude jar where you put good things that happened during week & you open it on next year end & relive those memories, which felt as a great exercise to try, so I am going to try this year. Also planning to do one word mantra for this new year 2020. lot of time when I am trying something new I freeze with fear  and with all useless thoughts of how I am not good enough or smart enough or I will mess up big time. so this year I am making my new year mantra to be "just Do it". Nike slogan. I know taking that one step in right direction & you can always finish your project on time, so I am going to recite my that one line mantra for year 2020 when I freeze. wishing you all happy, healthy & prosperous new year. hope some of you join me in this bandwagon of doing this good resoluion. I am happy kevin from our chat group is going to give it a try.






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Asha, you chose a great slogan for 2020. "Just do it" is a great reminder that procrastination just steals our time. You like me are not inclined toward sudden change so I understand that in you but sometimes decisions just have to be made. Glad your son is doing so well with his studies, we need good doctors, full of compassion as he will be. Happy New Year to you and your family too.

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