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The best laid plans of mice and men! Well my new year intent was sabotages by a bout of nasty flu. It attacked my muscles and they ached terribly. It even affected my walking and it felt like I was going backward. On3e night of heavy blankets and sweating and the fever broke an by Thursday I felt better but was washed out energy wise so I decided the better path was to rest and recuperate so cancelled Yoga and Gym. I also had a presentation scheduled for Sunday and wanted to conserve energy for that.

Monday felt sufficiently well that I returned to gym. Im trying to regain some stamina I can manage 9 Mins on the elliptical followed by a circuit of weights. I m incrementing it slowly and Im a long way from the 45 mins and weights I used to do. I may never regain that but Im still pushing for it all be it slowly.


Reduced exercise and eating out hasn 't helped the weight loss but theres always the coming week!

Wed: in bed with Flu

THr: took it easy

Fri: took it easy

Sat: travel to Phoenix: ate out

Sun: Presentation . second since stroke

Mon: Back to Gym

Tue: Acupuncture

Weight 182lbs





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Kev in every plan there has to be a plan for things going wrong. I think you have already realised that. Look after your body and take extra care when you are sick. Plenty of liquids, nourishing food and plenty of rest and you will be well again soon.

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Take care, Kev.

Eating out. One of my favourite things to do.  That's what fat  pants were invented for!


Madade hope you have recovered now.

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