1 year old soon




Thanks Sue for the push to write.


Blogging has always been hard for me. The words don't always make it from my brain to my fingers. HAHA. Some would argue that the word don't go from my brain to mouth.  I would have to agree with that one.  I never seem to have something to write about for the thought doesn't stay in my head long enough. But I'll try:


 In March, my mom and I are driving to Florida, via North Carolina to stay with my sister and family. I was going to fly  but it was going to be costly. It will be my grandson's first birthday. I'm excited to go and see him. My father, drives an activity school bus now that he had retired from teaching, and used all the money he earned and booked us a room for 7 days. I am beyond being u[set not seeing him as much as I would love to but I know I'll be the coolest Mimi ever.   That's about as far as I can think of writing. I'll have pictures for sure



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OMG Ryder looks so cute & big now time flies still remembered him as baby,now looking like toddler enjoy him & be sweetest & coolest mimi that you are




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Kelli, I am sure you will be the coolest Mimi. What a lovely gift your father gave - a week's accomodation, so no need to rush the visit. It will be great to see pictures. He is so cute now. He will remember you from the next visit.

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