So I wrote of certain activities after my stroke, one of which was growing veggies. I have a 48ft hoop house and come 13 out side beds which had gone to ruin over the summer as I was out of action. Well my wife made a deal with a neighbor & friend who has just retired and wants to get into growing. So now hes going to do the heavy work and I'll do lighter work and we will split the produce. So Saturday he came over with his son and daughter and her boy friend. They did an amazing job and the hoop house is in god order and ready for planting. Meanwhile I did 4 trays on lettuce starts.  It good to feel the garden comin back to life!



Thu: Yoga

Fri: Tread mill

Sat: GYM and gardening.

Sun: Yoga

Mon: Day off

Tue: Acupuncture

Kept to regime for Gym and Yoga but failed on snacking and paid the cost in weight which climbed to 188lb 



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I don't have a big garden but love to grow salad greens and herbs. When I have to buy salad leaves it is never the same. I am glad you have found someone to partner up with and wish you all success in your next growing season. Your daily routine is pretty strenuous so don't be too discouraged by the occasional fall from grace.

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your garden looks amazing & your travel pictures with your wife looks so pretty Arizona has one of the most beautiful landscape in USA



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