A Day late




I normally try and update my Blog early Wednesday morning but I was in Phoenix yesterday. Im finding that the Yoga , although not as strenuous as physio-therapy, eaves me pretty trashed for the rest of the day. I can feel it stretching some muscles and trying to active others which I have not used since my stroke. It seems to be working since the day after I always move/walk more easily and with slightly better form 🙂 The problem with road trips is that I tend to use the excuse that we can't cook away from home to indulge in eating out.   WE had to go frm Flagstaff to Phoenix and we chose to go down the gorge into Sedona which I cant do without stopping for a coffee and a vegan chocolate (see pic) cake We sill eat Vegan with the occasional piece of grilled salmon but I suspect I eat more than I do at home so am not surprised that Im not loosing weight which is staying at around 186 lb. Well I'm home now till Feb 14th.


Thu: Take it easy

Fri: Gym

Sat: Gardening

Sun: Yoga

Mon: Road trip

Tues: Road trip

Stamina seems to be slowly increasing and my headiness is less than it has been 🙂 So slight and slow improvement but still improvement!



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Why is it at Strokenet whatever we start the conversation with it always seems to finish with food? Great blog Kevin. The way you put so much into your life you are bound to get a lot more out of living.

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