New Mexico



My father was a master Marine on the Great Lakes run. At 7 he brought me a View Master 3d viewer and I remember most a cavern wonders of the world disc and image of Carlsbad Cavern. Well I finally got to see it. Deb and I took a 5 day road trip for valentines and our 19th anniversary, From a recovery point of view I probably did more walking than ever since my stroke. The caverns were a couple of hours of very up and down and uneven trails but the hand rails were a great help. The trip was fun and I was pretty trashed at the end of each day, but all the walking was at least a substitute for the gym which I didn't get to this week.

Wed: House party & Evening meeting

Thur: VLA

Fri: Roswell

Sat: Carlsbad Cavern

Sun: White Sands

Mon: Drive home

Tues: Acupuncture

BP ave 149/87 weight 190lb (eating out a lot doesn't help


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i liked my Viewmaster a lot.But it is so much better to see the sites in real life.ย I love travel.ย Our annual June trip this year will be New England,

Cape Cod , Bedford, Newport, Boston, Maine.By car. Long drive from Georgia! Several stops along the way to visit relatives and friends.

Lobster and quahogs.(sp?)

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Kev it looks beautiful!

Kudos to you for giving it a go!


Don't stress about a small weight gain. You needed to enjoy your holiday.ย 


Happy anniversary to you and Deb!


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HI Kev sounds like a brilliant trip. And yes eating out will get you every time. But on the bright side usually coming back to "normal" eating should be enough to get it off again.


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Absolutely Janelle, just make sure when you "break the rules" that it was "worth it"ย  i.e. savour the moment and enjoy every bite. Guilt is not productive. Life has to go on so you say that was fun/nice and now it's done.

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That's my aim, Heather. To make the treat moments guilt free. And a one off. Some times treat moments last a few days! That's the habit I'm trying to break.


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