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my super soul saturday




As you guys are aware favorite part of my weekend is to spend time on things which feeds my soul. Saturday is the time we spend learning & discussing our ancient literature bhagvad Gita. I find in that particular book all questions we human being face are answered like  what's the purpose of this life & what is right thing to do in this particular situation &  so on  & those other self defeating thoughts too , like  why do it in fear of failure & so on. In this particular book prince Arjuna is asking divine his charioteer  Krishna (who is God) when he is on the battlefield  when  and  sees  his own cousin brothers, his teachers, his granduncle, prince Arjuna faces similar questions  and asks  his charitor God Krishna  for guidance. lord Krishna helps  him  see and do the right thing, by answering all of his questions.  & lot of time in our own life we all go through similar questions, & Geeta gives wonderful answers.


I feel so lucky & blessed to have this discussion forum  of all this like minded people  to discuss this immensely relevant book.


I know for me when i was in my own battle field & fighting my own  inner demons right after stroke where I thought quitting was so easy just like prince Arjuna . Only reason I persisted cause I  thought i don't have right to ruin life of our son who was my responsibility & my duty to look after & I don't have any right to mess up his life. Also I have seen my cousins who were such a smart kids but suffered because one of the parent committed suicide & other remarried & moved on & messing up lives of two young children.  seeing that example & having support of my family I persisted & I am so glad I did it cause life is so sweet today. My adversity in life has made me the person I am proud of.


What I feel Geeta teaches is how to live in now & here, there is no after life or previous life, do right thing based on your dharma right now in this life , and God is within us which  does tell us what is right thing to do which we sometime choose to ignore because our mind which is not aligned properly makes decisions which may not be good for us & our this Saturday evening discussion form is there to reign our mind in good direction, so we make right decisions in the life when we might b thrown again in battlefield & have to make tough & right decisions.




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From my point of view as a Christian it is God within us that is my answer. What I do, what I say, how I live my life is related to that.Whatever religion we follow we have that in common. So glad you didn't take your own life and so not be here to influence mine. As I have said before: You are the guru. You are the person who taught me to go with the flow. Thank you Asha.

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Asha I bought my daughter a pendant of the goddess saraswathi. She's the goddess of creativity. 

I too am Christian, although Carrah identifies as spiritual. 

Having a faith is a beautiful thing. 

Thank you for sharing. 

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