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I usually don't like to reminisce. I'm sure you know what I mean, reminiscing is a constant reminder of what we could do.


At the moment, I'm having Carrah scan old photos into my phone, then I'm making digital scrapbooking layouts.  My current lot of photos is me and my main bestie when we lived in England during the mid 90s.

I've been texting Jennelle some photos and we've been having a great laugh.

Maybe remembering old times is good for the soul.

After all, we can't change the past, so we might as well remember with happiness. 



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large.1583653437429-ed232eea-d290-4232-a5ff-c8a534398f48_.jpg.4f94fe28994e0f2a1a62cb9bc32bacbe.jpgThis is another photo of Jennelle and I.  Yes, same name, just spelled differently.  

This photo is from 1994 in London.  We were going to see a show called Hot Shoe Shuffle, an Australian tap dancing show. It was amazing!


Jennelle and I were asked constantly if we were sisters. Not only is she short and blond, while I'm tall and brunette, we have the same name...


After a while we started saying that yes, we were sisters!!

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That was a stunning show!  I remember getting wet as we had seats near the front and one of the routines they danced in a shallow trough of water.  I think I might have had that dress too🤣


Yes the past is gone so you might as well remember and laugh.

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