Nephew Visit




Life is getting back to old stuff. I have enough stamina to make evening events now, I was  crashing about 6Pm before. Yoga leaves me rather trashed for the rest of the day but motion and balance seem to be improving. My headiness has also reduced to a light background annoyance. A bit worrying is that my blood pressure is trending up suggesting my arteries continue to constrict.

My nephew is here for spring break so I have him doing tasks most of which involve the tractor , which he loves driving at 15 🙂


Thur: Yoga

Fri: Gym , Lunch with friends


Sun: Yoga

Mon: Doctor

Tues: Went to movie with nephew


BP Ave 151/86 weight 189 



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Kevin :


thats so great you did your blog on Wednesday as you promised yourself & your blog readers, I bet its fun for your nephew to help you in tractor chores I bet he is having blast & best spring vacation for him. As a long time survivor I can tell you one thing for sure, more you do easier it will get.




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