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something you learn from your childrens friends



As you guys know I love to read books & blogs, they both are the reason which saved me from my dark thoughts & made me go AHA I get it now so many times in my post stroke journey. kido's friends are all in different fields, some have gone in pursuing degree in medical field, some in engineering field & some in journalism. All are doing well in their  chosen fields. One of his friend is in journalism & I have been reading her essays  for long time, make me amaze how this 20 plus something can write so eloquently which rings so true & make u go AHA I get it that's how I felt when I read her recent essay because I have lived through my loss to know this is so true.

In her recent essay writer was writing about saying goodbye to friends & feeling of loss when you are asked to move out of your dorm within few days notice, & how saying goodbye is so hard. She wrote so beautifully  how to cope with it & her anecdote rings so true for me, since I lived through to know its truth. writer mentioned  & I am paraphrasing here remember to know you are still you & you will meet new friends & find joys in your life again. I know its so true for me I for one thought I would never find joy in living after I had to retire from the work,   loose all my work friends. I had thought I had lost my own self identity too along with my friends, but I forgot I  will find & attract similar joy from other area of my life, because underneath I am still me. yes it will be in  different setting like soccer fields,school gyms,school, online support groups, my own family & extended family, doctors offices ., but I will find that  joy again. & I was so amazed that this 20 plus old writer know this at such a young age which took me 50 years to realize lol.


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Another good blog Asha. We can learn from all experiences and all ages, people with insight whoever they are can pass on that wisdom to us. Thank you for sharing how this has benefited you.

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