My Ivy




I have had the worst week EVER.


My precious Ivy is sick.  She started walking all wonky like she'd had a stroke.


At first we thought her back was broken.  Totally devo'd. 


Took her to the vet the next day to discover she has a parasite that's affected her brain. 


My little kindred spirit. 


I decided to send her to heaven, but wanted a few days with her first.


Kind of a mistake.   Kind of.  After many many many tears, I decided I couldn't do it.


She has brought me so much joy and comfort over the last few years, I need her.


Anyway, she is now on very strong medication. We discovered today, at the vet to discuss medication, that Ivy has lost half her body weight.  This is due to the food being on the second floor of the hutch. Due to her wonkiness she can't get up the ramp, so she was only getting greens not pellets or hay.   Situation sorted.


She really frightened me this arvo. The medication is very strong, and she was...well...stoned.  I thought she had died in my arms. More tears.  Good thing my kids are level headed.


After this week, I have discovered that I won't be able to cope without her.



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Janelle (((hug))) so sorry this is happening. Beloved pets are like family, so hard to see them in pain. I hope she returns to her former bouncy self. 

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So very, very sorry my stroke sister. My Ellis is 13 and showing the signs of becoming an old guy. He is our 4th through our years and I'm thankful I know now to make these last few years (I hope) as comfortable and pleasant as possible. If the day comes that the vet has to put him down I don't think I can be there with these raw stroke emotions in public.I may just have to ask April to take him and say good bye to him here. I have also heard of a service that will come to your home and do the deed. Either way I know the day is coming and dread it. Hugs to you and remember the years of love and loyalty you were blessed with.

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Oh Janelle 😞  sending hugs and hoping the meds are able to help.  We went through something similar about 30 years back when a beloved cat got a fungal infection under the skin of his face. At the time my nieces and nephews where very little and that fungus could have spread to them and caused brain damage so there was a Big family meeting about whether we tried to treat him or made the hard decision.  We ended up deciding to try the treatment which was horrendously expensive, and accept the risk to us. He had been my brothers cat (my brother had died in a car crash) and we just couldn't do it. Thankfully in that instance it all worked out and he got better and none of us got sick and he went on to live another 10 years. 

I do hope your ivy has a similar outcome.  If the worst happens do not blame yourself for her passing or your grief.  She is family too.

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Oh dear I am so sorry for both of you but it is the right thing to do. Watching her suffer will be worse than losing her.  MEGA HUGS

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Thank you Heather. 


I'm glad the cat managed a long life. Pets are more than family. 


We've just buried Ivy with all our other beloved pets outthe back.


I'm very very sad, but she's no longer suffering. 


She was stubborn right till the end...had to have two lots of the medication!



Rabbits grind their teeth when they are happy, and feel safe.


She grounded her teeth whilst I held her in my arms, then she slipped away...


Ivy was definitely a blessing amongst all this disabled stuff.

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Oh Janelle (((hugs))) I just read this. I am so sorry for your loss. I know how much our little furry friends mean to us. I know the comfort they bring. Ivy will always be a part of you. I know Ivy will be twitching her nose and grinding her teeth watching over you from bunny heaven. ❤️🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼

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:feeling-blue:Take care of yourself and know it will get better. WE love them and they love us back and trust us to do the best for them. It can be hard sometimes but you did good and she knew.

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That's ok Willis. 

Our old dog is like your Ellis. Lucy is 12, and really slowing down.

We really don't know how we'll cope without her.

Too painful to even think about. 


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