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Here it goes




Due to the Corona virus - the nursing home had to close doors to visitors and no longer allow the residents to come and go. Dan had stabilized and done very well for the past 2 years. But the biggest reason for that, His time with me and him coming to my work and the large amount of socialization with our family. The new necessary mandates required the home to close their door to protect their residents for the greater good. I respect that 100%. But it left me with a decision to make . He is home with me. So far so good. I couldn't risk the absolute regression he would have made in the home - not coming and going not seeing me. And I knew that this was gonna be a long term lock down at the  nursing homes- ( and it needs to be). So I did what is right for us. Bring him home. If it works, -  great. If not then , after all this is over, we can return to the way it was in the future. I asked Dan one day, while he listened to the radio  if he was afraid with all the news on about the virus and he looked at me and said - very afraid..... So for now, it is what it is..... no complaints yet-- We are fortunate to have options and I am thankful for that. Extrodinary times call for extraordinary measures. Like the rest of the world , we will stay at home and be hopeful and prayerful for the best possible out come



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Nancy you are very brave. That is a big move. I hope it works out for you. I always wanted Ray to come home but knew from the first that it was not possible. Our nursing homes are allowing visitors still but with limits, no more than two a day per person and only in the resident's room. My Shirley is now Chaplain in a Aged Care Facility and there residents are restricted from going out except for a walk on the beach, a special treat as it is directly in front of the facility. She has offered to help the staff in any way she can while the crisis is on. I'm hoping you can hold out for whatever time that takes. (((hugs))).

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I'm sure you both feel more comfortable with him at home.....and he likely is thrilled to be able to spend more time with you during this lockdown.    I can't even imagine how fearful he is of this virus as I know Gary would have absolutely freaked out over it.   I hope you are doing okay and taking care of yourself also.   






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Glad to hear Nancy. Remember to pace yourself and take time out for the sake of good mental health. We will be thinking of you and Dan and cheering you on. This is a wonderful thing you are doing for Dan. (((hugs)))

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