Weather Break




Finally a break in the weather ! After a hard winter here we seem to have entered spring. There's an ornamental pear tree that w use as a kid of indicator and its starting to bloom. Spring has high wind but they come later in the day. So there is a gap early morning where the sun is shining and temperature are above freezing so I got a few rides in. Seem the yoga and physio therapies have paid off! I am riding passably, doing best since my stoke. I still finding my posting trot rather bumpy as my muscle coordination is still a bit off so im not quite with the horses motion. Im much more in the saddle now but paying a price for all this in muscle aches later. I use these things to judge my recovery, like my left leg is becoming more effective, when I rode in the fall it was just along for the ride hanging there! 

After riding, the wind doesn't stop us working in the hoop house, so Deb and I have been doing lots of starts. Riding and gardening test my stamina which though improved I far from its pre-stroke level so by 2pm ( I get up like 4am) I crash in front of the TV wit a cup of tea.  My exercise regime suffers wit my energy going else where but I don't worry about that as im active most of the light hours.


Thu: day off

Fri: treadmill

Sat: Ride & gardening

Sun: Ride & gardening

Mon: Ride & gardening

Tue: Ride & gardening

Ave BP 151/86 weight 190large.DSCN5254.JPG.4bea20efbab865e455dcca4ce8f0cf61.JPGlarge.DSCN5255.JPG.1ea5fab09d703cd7f01075ba1c45a297.JPG




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Wish I had your hoop house set up, the seedlings look strong and ready to plant out. Your riding style should improve as you do more riding. You are doing well in your recovery which is what matters. Good for you!!!

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Kevin you amaze me with your determination and positive scheduling! That hoop house is a work of art and love! Please keep sharing your progress... I very much enjoy your pictures. You and Deb are a great team! Keep up the riding so happy to hear of your improvements. You may not have the issue I do but I keep a journal and have blogged here as well. It helps me to see my true progress. 🙂

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