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We're all sort of leaving a type of Groundhog Day it seems to start with the news in the morning finding out how many more people we lost overnight all over the world even I've become much more aware that would happens on one side is going to happen on the other and that each of us is going to be affected. And each of us is getting our morning coffee at some time during the day but we are in different places. Frankly I'm sick to my stomach when I hear people whining in their mansions playing their musical instruments 2 Comfort themselves out of boredom from wandering around 10 bedrooms a pool and jacuzzi LOL and I think of the families crowded into a two-bedroom apartment with children longing to play outside. That is the real picture and that is why we need to get life back to normal so those families who could really lose it all can and avoid being homeless. And then I read about the stroke things and I remember how in just a blink of an eye I lost it all. But I didn't know it then because I fought to hang on do as long as I could but it was such a losing battle from the start if I had known it was going to end like it did what I have put all that effort in or what I have just accepted my fate sooner I can't really say but I had a good time trying to hang on and I accomplish things that I wanted to namely I finished the course and school that I wanted to that I didn't think I could do in the first place but look I ended up doing it after a stroke take that you young whippersnappers sitting next to me and all I have to say to the stupid instructor who critiqued my presentation by saying that I put my face in the tablet and I should have looked up at the audience I have dizziness and other vestibular problems and I had to put my face in the tablet because I was closing one eye to read it in the first place and maybe you should have listened and taken it seriously when somebody says I have this or that disability and help them through it. I think that's a lesson for the nation. People need to listen and not just look at people and make good judgement and say oh you look fine. Anyway all I have to say is that I'm on a different type of Journey right now that I'm just trying to keep up with the type of things that my doctor wants me to do such as we're lymphedema pumps during the day and also keep my legs wrapped up in circaid juxta lights even when I go out walking around but you're not really doing anymore because I'm on lockdown and that means that I can't really leave my room. But whatever my good friends happens to be a male they moved him across the whole for some reason it has nothing to do with me and everybody is saying oh they moved him across the hall and I said oh that's wonderful so now at some point during the day I can make sure that I can go stand in my doorway and he sits in his and we can chit chat for a minute and that is glorious because he's blind and I have always helped him go to different little parties that they hold here at the home including playing bingo. And I think that our friendship is just grown over the years and we just enjoy each other's company and that's all it is but then there's other people that want to say stupid things and I just ignore it. Anyway today I got some candy from my son and I made sure that I shared it with him LOL. My son gave me a care box today and he said that he wiped down each item with alcohol and put it in there and then he closed up the box it was a plastic box and he swab that down good and do you let it sit for about a week so he's quite confident that any germs that are on it have been eliminated and so he gave it to me today and I was very happy because I have not been able to get out to the store so there are things that I need they'd have had to wait but he wasn't able to get out and get me anything because the stores are quite empty anyway so I said that's okay he gave me what he had to share and I said pretty soon I think things'll getting put back up on store shelves and then we'll be able to do some shopping hopefully. Well he'll be able to go out. It's very strange being told that I can't go out in the world because I might not survive it and so I appreciate being protected but on the other hand I don't think that I'd be going out very much anyway right now. And I understand that it's so hard on those much younger who are in the middle of living and then there's those with children and they're so worried or just the worries that they have over horrendous. So it's time to be a prayer Warrior. Was so appreciative of my son just bring it over a sandwich for lunch and then how surreal it was that he was washing it up and putting it in a box that was disinfected. And I couldn't see him because no one's allowed in so I was just able to chat with him on the phone and that was enough to hear his voice. We haven't done any video chat we haven't quite figured out how those work on our phones. So but he did send me a YouTube he got online playing his musical instrument and very good I was so proud of him! and I have been listening to it and watching it all the time it warms my heart. Just wish they would have said something but he's super shy I guess I don't know when that came about LOL saved mask that I got when I went to the Urgent Care and they had me wear it they didn't want me to catch anything and so I still have it and I'm wearing it as much as I think I need to being around other people but everybody here was given a cloth mask to wear that was on the staff and I wish that I was given something but it's controversial about whether or not we need it because if we're not sick then,


 anyway I just realized that the rest of the world is now experiencing what I have been experiencing four years living in a nursing home now other people I've lost the ability to see their friends and family and other people are confined and isolated and they can go out to restaurants when they want to or to go shopping when they want to and I'm thinking my life hasn't changed a bit and it's interesting to see how other people are coping with this change. And all of a sudden I'm appreciating the resiliency in my own heart because I hear how other people are having such a hard time doing the very thing that I've been doing for years. Anyway it can be done and I hope that everybody helps each other and that now is the time to reach out and help other people that are feeling that they can't cope. I just want to say that my daily pain has prevented me from being a part of the real world for such a long time that I can pretty much feel for the rest of people that are saying that they're having a hard time and I say well try to stay connected is some support system and I know that there's other people that are feeling the same way and they can help. thank you to everybody who is always hope and been there for me. I put up a new picture I hope it speaks to you the way it speaks to me take care of everyone God bless you all



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Pam what a wonderful blog. I have been in different kinds of isolation since I was widowed. Because of deep grief and a kind of shyness, a realisation that being alone was different to being a member of a couple -scarier somehow, I stayed at home a lot after Ray died. In some periods of my life I have had weeks when I saw no-one because my life had changed so much.That eventually changed and I got back out into the world again. Also after operations I was unable to get out because of no driving for six or eight weeks on doctors orders. So for me this is just an extension of that.


Since the shut down because of the Covid-19 virus I just go shopping once a week but apart from that stay home. I have food enough, a verandah to sit on on sunny days,  I have books to read, craft to do and a computer to spend time on catching up with friends. I know self isolation is different  to having it imposed on you but somehow I know we are both strong enough to get through this.

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Thank you Sue that was wonderful to read I know that I'm supported and hopefully others who have been alone know that we do get through periods of isolation and social distancing it's nothing new to me because my work always seems to require that

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