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Prepared for Isolation




I've had a lot of friends and family checking on me via phone since Gary passed away.....some are worried that being isolated from everyone with this Pandemic right now might be a bit much for me.   I've been telling them all "I was probably better prepared for this isolation than most."   I spent 15 yr. 8 months taking care of Gary at home after his massive brain stem stroke in 2004.  It wasn't easy traveling with him, and I usually only got out a couple hours a week when I had a caregiver to sit with him.   It was usually just him, me and the pups anyhow - not like we had a lot of friends or family who visited after the first 6-8 months following his stroke.    I'm used to being alone, as he slept a good 16-18 hours a day, and when he was awake, he was total care.   Now, it's just me and the dogs, but they do keep me plenty busy - in and out all day long and sometimes during the night to potty (the dogs, not me).   lol


The first order for no more than 10 people in a group caused the shutdown of my favorite family owned restaurant, so there was no more going out for breakfast.  Then, the week before the Governor called the stay at home order I had painters here to paint the outside of house.  HOA had sent me a letter requesting it done, and did extend the time allowed after the stay-at-home orders.   I was out front watering plants when I saw painters at the neighbors house across the street, so asked for their information and later that day the painter came over and spoke to me through the front screen door (keeping his distance).  I happened to mention to him that I had been out to grab a few groceries that morning and couldn't find toilet paper or eggs.  The neighbor who had walked over with the painter heard me, and the next morning when I was out front trying to remove our name plaque from front of house, as well as a satellite dish - he showed up with a big pkg. of Charmin and a dozen eggs for me.   He also climbed the ladder and took down my plaque and the satellite dish for me in preparation for the painting.   What a nice gesture from a new neighbor I had barely spoken to a handful of times.  I offered to pay him and he refused to take any money.   I promised to pay it forward.


Now that the painting is done and the weather is warming up, I'm looking forward to getting in the pool.  I spend a couple hours in my back yard every day with the dogs - sometimes in only 20 min. increments as they tend to react to other dogs barking and I have to keep them quiet since my next door neighbors both work nights and sleep during the day.   I've already been scolded once by the woman, who texted me that she missed work because my dogs barked the day before and kept her awake.   They usually only bark once anyhow before I zap them with the control collars.  I don't use the shock one, but either the beeper or the vibration one works well and gets their attention but doesn't really hurt them.  


I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe.  I did get out yesterday to drop a check at the bank, so stopped at local family owned grocery to grab some milk and eggs.  I didn't wear my mask because wearing it tends to fog up my glasses and I really need to see where I'm going.  lol   It was scary when some old man walked up behind me as I was picking up a dozen eggs and I heard him cough; I looked back at him and he had an item in each hand so didn't cover his mouth.   I wanted to yell "back off buddy" but bit my tongue and got the heck out of that store as quick as I could.   Some people still don't get it how deadly this virus can be.   


I'll check back in when I figure out what this new normal is going to be.......






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Sarah, as a long time widow I am used to being alone. I miss my usual routine but find plenty of activities to fill in time. It is a bit like walking through a desert though - no landmarks. I find it hard to remember what day it is and what I did yesterday as sometimes the days go by in a blur. I am glad you have some contact with your neighbors as that is important to me too. I feel the same about lunches out as you do going out to your breakfasts. Keep well my friend.

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Sarah-- Im so glad a neighbor extended that wonderful gesture, albeit toilet paper ( who woulda thought in the past what a magnanimous gesture a gift of TP would be--lol). Renews our belief in mankind. I hope you are well, you have endured so much, I only hope that you have some "peace " . I think of you much more often than you'd guess-- that long caregiving road. Bless you girl.. !

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