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Home alone



This is my Covid-19, so far so good,  update.


This is Autumn, daylight saving is over. We are going through a wet period. Okay we needed the rain, in our part of the country rain comes west to east or down the coast from the tropics, we seem to be having both. Our inland and coastal areas that suffered the bushfire damage need the rain so I can't complain about it. But it does eliminate sitting in the sun on the front verandah from my daily activities. The farmers need the rain to grow the produce we depend on so I can't complain etc. I want to complain. Coved-19 is affecting my life, all our lives and we are not supposed to complain? Really?


We are pretty good in Australia, we practice self isolation, people go by  walking the dog, people exercise though I am a bit dubious about some of the categories, we all do essential shopping etc. But I was in a supermarket and a young man came so close to me that he brushed my arm as he walked with his mobile phone to his ear. The old are taking it very seriously after all we are the target group, the young seem to think it is a bit of a joke. But we are keeping up with the bulletins coming every day from the government on our progress and social distancing laws are being policed. And on the whole we don't complain.


But on a personal level I am running out of things I WANT to do. Okay I could polish the furniture, clean the windows and spot clean the carpets BUT I don't find that fun. I am reading, crafting etc but I have been doing that for four weeks now minus my hospital time. So I might do an online course or start some vast project I will never finish. Drastic moves need to be taken. But the government tells us we are all in this together. And after making this announcement they go home to their wives or partners and their families. Bah humbug.


 I miss my friends, my Lions Club events, my children and grandchildren. Easter will come and go without the usual religious observances. I miss my gang that meet beside  Muffin Break, the conversation, the comradely jokes, the feeling of belonging. I miss the people I go out to see who belong to the church and the lady I pick up on Sundays. She misses me too. Church is closed at the request of the Bishop and we have also had to discontinue the pastoral care aspect of the church that cares about people. No Playtime, no Coffee Mornings, no Bible study. So no Christian fellowship. I really miss that.


Trevor and Alice can not come down for the first week of the school holidays because of the 200km rule and 200 kms from Broken Hill is still semi desert so they are stuck where they are. Alice loves to come down to the green grass she can lie on, the sea she can swim in and the many parks and lakeside walks that are a total contrast to the semi desert dry and dusty countryside she experiences every day. I will miss out on Trevor doing the odd jobs I alway line up for him to do. I know some of them will be fine until next visit,whenever that might be. But I can't do them myself now.


A week ago I went up to weed under the orange tree. For the first time in years it has fruit on it and I wanted to clean under it and fertilise it. I backed down the bank with my armful of weeds , felt my right foot move downwards and followed it over the retaining wall. I fell five feet into pavers. I won't tell you the mess I was in but I went to hospital by ambulance and after a series of X-rays had six stitches in the wound. Due to the build up of Covid-19 panic I was then sent home. So back to the self  isolating with a patch on my head and special shampoo to wash my hair. I am used to head wounds so only found sleeping uncomfortable. Bah humbug.


This is a whinge not a pity party. I am not allowed to have a pity party with so many people worse off than I am. I live alone. I have no-one to look after, I have a roof over my head and food on the table. I have friends out there who think of me occasionally, as I do them. And from time to time my family remember me and ring me. I guess the crux of the matter is I am alone.

 For the duration, however long that turns out to be, I am alone.



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Hang in there Sue, it will get better, We are managing to keep this thing pretty contained so far. You should setup scheduled weekly video chats with Trevor and Alice, It's not the same as a visit but its better than nothing. Its easy to do with WhatsApp or Zoom on your mobile phones.  It makes you feel a lot less alone.


My great niece is now 8 months old and she almost demands her good night story reading with either her grandmother or aunt via video. The other night when she was driving her mother nuts we setup a 4 way video chat just to distract her. She loves seeing the faces in the phone.

I too live in hopes of a vaccine, but they never did manage to make one for SARS, so I'm crossing my fingers that with the whole world trying there'll be a break through.


I hope that you have and are using a mobile personal alarm pendant. this is the one my Mum has https://nationalhealth.com.au/personal-alarm-pendant/


If you are feeling really alone let me know and we'll can setup a phone chat.

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Heather I am okay most of the time however I did have a couple of down days. I was complaining that I have no family close as family members are allowed to call in to check up on " elderly relatives". Of course my children all live a distance away so that rules them out. So I called my ex daughter in law who lives a couple of suburbs away and she came around for a short visit ( couldn't stay longer as she is currently on night shift). She says of course we are still related I am the grandmother of her children! Of course I am. Pam has been very kind to me the last few years and I appreciate that. It was nice to talk to someone in the same room at least.

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Sue :


I hope you are feeling better now & healed from your injury. I love heather's idea of doing video chat with your family on zoom. It does make you feel good.

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You bring up a very good point Sue and I think that we've all had our fill of video chat video zig zag Zoom it's just not the same as seeing a person's eyes when you tell the news or just the warmth and energy that comes off of physical body that I never seem to have paid attention to be bored and I think that communication requires not being distant he requires eye contact body language and just the sense of belonging to that person at that time for however what the relationship is and family member means you are fully accepted unconditionally and so we want someone who has that connection when there's a crisis because it's a comfort it's a safe Zone to be in and it's nice when you don't have to have a mask and you can be yourself the all the things that they've ever said about how over the Internet it's Anonymous which makes people free and I know that it helps but it also helps to have someone we love close by which reminds me of the years I spent being a homemaker mother and there were days that I wanted to fling the windows open and yell will someone an adult person please just talk to me because I was of course it's surrounded with young ones and singing silly song and comforting down would get to be a chore and I wanted an adult conversation and I wanted to talk about me so I can appreciate that the internet has given me this tool and I love those things about it but there are times when you want someone in the room and you want to have that tea party that's what I call it my tea parties where now I guess it's our coffee our coffee time whatever but when my son comes to see me I want to go out for dessert time. So anyway hang in there Sue you have been such a light for so many people online and stove any people have been blessed Because of You So when you say that you're shy I'm still surprised because I can't imagine you as a soft shy person I always imagined you is like a Molly Brown and so it's refreshing go because I can see in your sock sweetness that love Is Just coming out of every pore and so that's why you're such a light on this site here and you're so valuable here please please sit out in on the veranda and think of us and how much you do for us because you read our blogs. You have consistently read my blog and I thank you and I read your news postings about what everybody blogged so I can sort of keep up which I never can do but sue you do. So if I could make you a better I would put the World War II we can do it woman picture there with you photoshopped. Because you you do so much and I just don't want you to ever feel alone or that you're going through any of this alone. I'm going through similar things having lymphedema so I totally understand how it's tiring and you have to do things like sit down and put your feet up and that in itself is an isolating position. So I'm glad that you have folks that can come and stop by and see you impress that your daughter-in-law Feels So Close to You and honors you as the grandmother other children I guess that tells me exactly who you whoyou are Sue a very very wonderful woman.

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Sue, complain away. We are definitely not all in the same boat.

I read somewhere that we are in the same storm, but that's all.


I love my family, but I just want the house to myself. Only for a day. As you have pointed out, this is not always a good thing.


I'm looking forward to hearing about a ginormous project that you are going to start and never finish.  Doesn't matter what it is, enjoy!

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Janelle, just joined Zoom and Kids Messenger so some new ways to connect. Helped my grand daughter in Broken Hill to do her spelling today - so good!

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