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Of course we all are bored. I don't have to much to do, outside of working my now half days and take care of Dan. We have our little routine, Dan THRIVES on routine - Me not so much. But I really can't complain , Ive had to redirect him a few times as to my expectations of his expectations. He like to move the bar. The compulsiveness. 

But its been so many years I do recognize it for what it is. And for as much as I complained about his desire to frequent the casino - it sure beats sitting at home and staring at each other... lol. Eventually here in ND we will get nice enough outside that at least I can do yard work and Dan can do his compulsive sweeping. Anyhow for the most part we are doing well, given the COVID lockdown. We have a roof and food and we are healthy . In reality we are blessed.... NancyL


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I think everyone is bored but there is a lot to do here. I could clean outside for years but the spiders would still be one web ahead of me. We have had rain so that was a hard few days to fill in. But there is reading, crocheting etc.


Nancy, you have taken on a big job. Enjoy Dan being home while you can still find enough energy to cope. Eventually we will be the other side of this and no-one has a clue what life will be like then so now is the time to rebuild our inner strength then we will be ready for whatever happens.

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Nancy :


I am hearing all this unnecessary deaths happening in NY,NJ in nursing homes, & my heart breaks knowing this could have been avoided deaths & are happening to vulnerable people who are at the mercy of healthcare workers at nursing homes. Not every caregiver is brave enough to bring their survivor back home. I know it must be so hard taking care of survivor who is stubborn & wouldn't follow instructions. wish you lot of strength to get through this difficult phase.



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