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Never give up




My days are filled with new things to do, research into them and visits to either PT or OT where I get more things to try.Frustrated when I dont see the results, but motivated to keep searching and trying,I have much encouragement from my wife, which certainly helps. But its also a quest for  recovery.There is so much out there to seek and find.If only stem cells were further along, but this is not their time yet.Other things work however.I just need to keep at it.My daily stretching routine helps to get e ready for the day, then a meditatation time mid- day helps me relax and take a break. I love to see what my wife will create for dinner, then the Netflix or PBS shows in the evening.I truly enjoy watching " Nova", and Planet Earth.We  are only here for limited time in any scenario, so I try to use my time to learn and progress. Thankfully there is Internet and Brainhq, Youtube, Coursera and more.



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I don’t know what your deficits are, they are likely different than what mine are/were. But two things that greatly turned my life around were Saeboflex for my left hand/arm and Active release to get my muscles moving again. The Saeboflex really woke my left am/hand up and was covered by insurance. The active release got me walking again and able to carry my canoe again but was not covered by insurance. It took me 10 treatments which I paid for myself and it was worth every penny.


i also tried several other things, just like you including acupuncture(limited short term benefit), neuromove, did not work for me, and several massage therapies with short term effect. The bottom line is that it is really up to you to do your own research and experimenting.  When I asked PT/OT/Stroke DR’s why they did not tell me about these things to try all I got was shoulder shrugs. They only know what they specialize in. Search and try. It is not easy, but progress is possible.


you might give both Saeboflex and active release a look, they are on the net as well as neuromove, even though it did not help me, it might help you.. Good luck.

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