Zoom & buiscuits ( cookies)




It seems zoom is becoming a regular thing in my life for all sorts of meetings the last one just before I wrote this with my in-laws in Saudi Arabia. There on total lock down except for shopping by appointment and of course no one argues with the King. The headiness has reduce to mild back ground now and I hardly notice it. I made a personal best on the treadmill on Monday at 40mins at 3 mph. I paid for that the following day with muscle soreness on my left leg sufficient to leave me limping around, kinda felt like I had gone back to a couple of month ago. 

Ive been doing work in the hoop house where the first tomato has started to form:-


These pics always insert so big!!

DEb has been cooking up a storm; her own bread and some cookies , which definitely didn't help the weight.

Safe & isolated, hope yall are the same

Wed: Riding & Treadmill

Thu: Riding & treadmill

Fri: Treadmill & gardening

Sat: Treadmill

Sun: Day off

Mon: Treadmill & gardening

Tue: hurting took day off

Ave BP 155/87 That's pretty normal for me at the moment weight 189 lb  😞



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Cookies are treats not regular food... naughty, naughty! The tomatoes are coming on really well. Keep up the exercise  as much as you can. Really enjoying your updates.

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It is good to push your limits but don't try to push them every day. My physio tells me if it significantly affects your movement the next day ( e,g. limping) and can therefore create bad movement habits it should be avoided. Make a haste a little more slowly my friend.  It takes us a lot longer to build good movement patterns and stamina than other people.  I'm not saying don't test yourself occasionally but always be prepared for there to be a rest day or 2 after a challenge day.  Well done!

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Cookies!! I'm there!!


Our dog used to sneak next door and knick tomatoes off their plants!!


Kev I agree with Heather.  Exercise is great, but please take care not to over do it. 

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