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only constant in life is change




life is all about changes only change is constant. I have noticed for my mental sanity, I thrive on having routine in life, &  keeps me centered & happy in life's journey. after my stroke & early retirement from the job I struggled for almost 9 months till I found my routine, which included my exercise, online support group, & reading good uplifting spiritual books helped me. I found truckload wealth of information in our hindu scripture book bhagvad-Geeta. It felt like God was answering all the questions Arjuna was asking him in the middle of battlefield which were more or less similar to what I was thinking at the time when I was standing in the middle of my life's battlefield where I was thinking this s too hard of battle  for me to fight alone & I needed comfort & guidance from someone telling me it will be alright. luckily for me I had my own life partner my charioteer which held me steadfast during those times. My fundamental question was why I am still here & what's the purpose of my life, & what I am suppose to do next, should I just sit & cry & wake up when this nightmare is over. that was the time I realized nobody else can live my life all they can do is to provide some comfort, but at the end its all on me. I got to pick myself up  & make sure life of every one who decided to be with me as good & fun.  I realized early on whatever I can do is I got to do & that will be one less work for my family. & more I do things ,faster I became in it. As I was saying I thrive on routines & post stroke I had my own routine when kido was young, doing activities for him or making him do used to be my struggle in those days, once he went to college my exercises became my routine then helping brother in his work became another routine then came this quarantine & we all are home. Hubby & I are very similar in our spiritual quest, so he is finding all these nice online resources you can hear on YouTube which opens up another dimension in our learning. So my post stroke life becomes more meaningful right now we both do our daily exercises I do indoor & he does outside while listening to these delightful lectures. One of the beautiful metaphor in bhagvad geeta is that our senses r like horses & they try to go in all direction that's what senses does, oh this food is great eat it, oh this bad things like drugs does take away pain & gives you good pleasure, maybe do that, or so many other bad vices, but its our mind which knows what is right from wrong & has rein over those senses or horses which controls  and  guide them in right direction. I love that picture  depiction of bhagvad gita,  I know as a parent that's our duty to take care of our children & steer them on the right path. & thing is we can only do that when they are young, once they are adult they are not going to listen to us anyways.  


I am so grateful hubby stayed by my side so that we didn't screw up kido's life. I know in life he is going to have his own ups & downs but at-least he will be old enough to sort it out himself.





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Asha, this isolation has given us a lot of time to think, for some people this has meant new revelation for others it just makes them troubled. It is a real opportunity for us to change and reassess our thinking and apply that to our lives. This is what you are doing in this blog. Good job!!!

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