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A Very Happy Mother's Day to all of the mothers here. Dads don't forget we would never have the title of father without them. You ladies should be running the world in my opinion.



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Thanks, I feel my biggest accomplishment in life was becoming mother & give world great human being who will make a difference in lives of people with his actions.



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I loved the fact my children grew in my tummy, and "survived" in there because of my choices, food wise especially. 


The other side of being a woman, however...


I'm unwell at the moment, women stuff, and I have menopause to look forward to as well!!


Again, so many upsides. Two well adjusted, thoughtful human beings that I'm proud to say they call me mum.


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❤️ Yes the miracle of life! How wonderful for you to know this feeling.  We are a miracle and  I think since the stroke my understanding of just what a miracle we are is even more obvious to me. On the lighter side it's been said that if women had the 1st baby and men had the 2nd there would never be a third.  🍼

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