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whats the purpose of life



As you guys know hubby & I both have similar spiritual traits, though I feel he is ahead in his spiritual journey where I still have lot to learn, when kido was around lot of time discussion on our dinner table will be on lot of these spiritual topics, kido gets entertained by hubby & mine total different view points  about life& he will support me or hubby  based on who is winning the argument.


Our recent discussion recently made me see how right hubby is & with that attitude in life you can almost handle everything what life throw at you. ok now without further ado heres what we were discussing, "what's the purpose of life" is it to accumulate lot of wealth so that we can have bigger house, lot of cars, & all luxury? & why you are doing that,my point was  when you have some kind of goals in life it makes you work harder for it & when you accomplish them you feel happy. his point was then you will be never happy because your goal is when I achieve all these then I will be happy, his idea is goal of life should be happiness & it does not matter what comes your way good times or bad times you remain steadfast in all situations & be happy. my argument was you need to strive to do better in your life, you can't be just content with whatever circumstances you are thrown in. he agrees to it too though he also feels you can do whatever you can in your power & then try to be happy with whatever you get in your life, I guess that is the reason I have never seen him get in despair & say why me, he always handles all situations head on, versus I will cry, throw a fit in anger & then eventually accept & move on with my life & have fun. though I am realizing his attitude is better because in crisis mode I am of no use because I am angry at myself, world or other party, instead of thinking calmly what steps need to be taken now & start taking those baby steps in right direction.


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I must admit that I was once like you striving for higher goals. Then Ray had the strokes and life was more about survival under the new circumstances. I wanted life to improve, Ray to improve, wanting the best life possible. Then he had more strokes. Then I realised life might be worse tomorrow not better. It was then I began to journey towards looking at each day as a possibly "happiest day of my life" and life improved because happiness was my goal not success. Great blog ASHA.

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You both can have your own journey, and no one is more attuned, he is your yin to your yang,   The hardest things in life , for me to always remember ,  is to know we can't change what we have no control over.  My mother is one who wants more in hopes she will be happy and my father is finds happiness in everything. You can't take it with you and , I feel, you miss out on life when you focus on getting things and not enjoying.  Nothing is permanent 💓

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