At 5500ft we can get freezes as late as May 28th. but it looks like we are clear now.  47F this morning and we will go to 80s lter in the day, Every thing is blooming and the nest built in our chicken coop is now home to newly hatched chics.


My stamina seams to be increasing slightly as I get thru more in the day with less breaks. Some lovely sunny mornings which are prefect for long rides.  Recovery is small increments now and realizations. Like I went to mount the other morning and I swung into the saddle just like pre-stroke. I hit the saddle and realized 'oh that was familiar!'

The time of the year takes us into the garden as irrigation has to be installed for the plants going form pots in the hoop house into the ground out side.  Growing is observable on a daily basis now. 

At the beginning of the year I didn't think I would be gardening this year but here I am already harvesting greens and our first tomatoes are ripening off. Growth is every where.

Even after riding and working in the garden I still have energy left to hit the treadmill. That wasn't so last month. These incremental improvements keep my spirits up and my consciousness of them is facilitated by this blog.



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That all sounds great Kev, yes those so small improvements are easy to miss, without things like a blog.  Have fun watching the chicks

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Can't understand why more people don't use a blog as an online journal. You can have it private or public. I am glad yours is public and we can all see your growing crop and the effort you put into everything you do. 

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kevin :


I get amazed by your farm skills, I guess I have been always city person so all labor intensive farm work amazes me. Enjoy them, I also found therapeutic benefits of my blog because It allowed me to look at positives of my life & don't forget it easily & take it for granted any more. I am so happy for you, It is beginning to look like you are creating your wonderful new normal






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