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today is very special day its my soumate my sarathi's birthday




I am so excited today is my soulmate's 60th birthday. We have been together for almost 30 years. we have spent 14 years o our pre-stroke life together &  16 years of post-stroke life together & still going strong. My hubby is very practical person  man of his words, if he said he will be there for our son's game or practice then I don't have to worry, I know he will be there. If he has to take me to my long list of doctors appts or fill in confusing paperwork, he will finish the job, & also he is always by my side encouraging me to do more & enable me to make most out of my situation by trusting in me & supporting me when I felt like quitting because things were hard, he is always like take few more steps while holding me & then trusting me that I am safe enough to let go has allowed me to flourish too.  I know this for sure without him our family would have disintegrated so fast & I could have ruined life of our son, instead together we raised wonderful son who has become very responsible young adult.


We all have been through enough ups & down of life  & have become strong team together. I view him as my sarathi which is CHARIOTEER in our life's journey. he held all of us intact when we were going through rough patches of our life. he was the one like God made sure I don't give up on playing game of my life when things got so hard & I wanted to just dump everything & run away from my reality post stroke. I was not willing to put any fight to get my life, all I wanted to do at that time was just sleep away, runaway or kill myself so that I don't have to face another day of being disabled person, but his strength & trust in my abilities kept me grounded & I found strength to fight on. he got me my drivers license, & his gentle encouragement of learning new skills in nearby college all propelled me to see myself differently & realized post stroke I have become differently able person still person with value, & still loved by my family to whom I matter & it gave me confidence in myself to fight for my life. & I feel so fortunate & lucky to be married to sch a great guy by accident who is so different than me


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You have a great man there, wish him a very happy birthday from me and give him an extra hug because he is so special. He has been your champion as well as your mentor and that is better than any other quality you could wish for. Congratulations to you both for raising a great son as well.

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