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why do we view change as bad




Its weekend so time to think deep thoughts. I was thinking about how we are all averse of changes in our life specially unplanned  or unexpected changes which shows up  in our life like illness,accidents or job-loss.  how all these changes rattles our boat & we get so unsettled, upset about it, without knowing future, we just hate all unwelcome change. I know I did it when I faced my stroke in my life. I thought my life was ruined & I will never find joy in living again. 


I understand with planned changes in life you find yourself in control but with unplanned changes in life you feel completely out of control & don't have faith that something good is going to come out of this seemingly bad tragedy in your life. what I have learned after going through drastic change in my own life,by trusting the unknown & doing just one right thing at a time, you do come out of it & realize beauty that change brought in your own life. our elders were right when they say let the time pass & you will realize its not as worst thing as you have imagined in your life. wouldn't life will be interesting if instead of hating changes we embrace them thinking what is this event is trying to teach me in my life about myself.





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I used to really kick out at changes in my life as you know but now as I age I tend to think okay I have coped with worse and wait to see what will happen. It is wisdom born of pain as the song says. So maybe we do waste a lot of time being anxious and worried and angry but we are human and frail and often uncertain both about life and our own ability to deal with it. We do learn but it is a slow process.

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My son does not like change at all.

Even small changes, like moving his bed, or me moving the lounge furniture around. 

He coped the least when I first became disabled. 

I'm hoping he'll "change" as he gets older, but I'm not holding my breath!



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Janelle Change is hard. But the one thing in life you can be sure of other than death is that things will change. So learning to accept and embrace change is a survival skill. I do hope your son finds a way to learn to work with change as a good thing.

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Me too, Heather.  He's only 16, so there's time.


It's like stroke, isn't it?


We can accept it and run with it, or try to run away from it.



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I know change is not easy for me... now.. Routine , now, helps me with memory. Change , in general, can make someone uneasy for they are stepping out of their comfort zone. What makes us happy- what we know.. I , now, have learned through my practices that change is a part of life and life is like water. Water never moves in a regimented form, So we all must become that which carves new pathways.   But....  That being said, I'm still learning to fully commit it to my head space lol :lol:

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