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I feel so sad for anyone who gives up the fight of their life




Recently in India very talented young 34 year old actor committed suicide. he was such young, lovable good-looking  guy & stupid guy just ended his life, he was depressed about loosing some good movie opportunities, breakup & so on which made him take that drastic step. It shook me up since he did that at the same age when I went through my own lean phase of life & had same bright ideas about it, but luckily had young family at home so had no courage to act on that bright stupid idea.  Today at age 50 I can look back & feel my stroke experience was best tutor & it made me the person I am very proud of today. I feel so sad for that actor feeling like telling him to hold on, nothing lasts forever good times or bad times, keep your head above water  & let this tide pass, find support group, friends, family any one ,and literally take one day at s time  & just do what makes you happy, do whatever you can do. I feel so bad for all the family, friends & his fans including me used to like his young boyish looks





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How very sad suicide is. It is why I did Lifeline telephone counselling as one of my dear friends committed suicide over a debt he owed. Lifeline as a suicide prevention line probably saved a lot of people at the "just thinking about it" stage. We on this site have learned so much through our encounter with stroke as a survivor or caregiver and it has toughened us up and taught us to appreciate life just as it is. We have support here and that counts for a lot.

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One never knows the complexity of someone's mental state at such a time.   I still question 4 years later if there was anything I could have done for my youngest son to keep him here, or whether I should have seen signs.   I honestly believe most are not in their right state of mind at the time.




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Sarah, I'm so sorry. Sometimes, looking from the outside, everything seems good but I am sorry that he, and others, feel like they may be alone in their thoughts but they aren't. We may not understand or think what troubles them is as painful as they feel but I wish some people don't down play to them.  Sometimes folks see it is an "easy way out" but we have no idea. My heart goes out

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Ive been to that point - our minds are amazing . The only reason I didn't do it. Was the complexness I believed it would have been to get my body from AZ to ND. But man, I knew I wasn't right. But it was like a dark storm that just moves in and you are lost... It took me years to get the right treatment. ECT for me. Meds sure didn't work - usually made it worse , but you gotta jump all the hoops before ECT is ever considered. And not every medical pro is in favor of it, so they just don't tell you about it - or tell you they don't know about it - but don't provide any direction. And when your in the storm you can't even hardly put one foot in front of the other. And its scary for others to even be around it. Heck ,I scare myself thinking about it. 

I had a class mate who's son committed suicide he was a senior in high school and had been ill for 2 years before he killed himself, she had never heard of ECT - not one doctor mentioned it as a option- and they had tried many. And that to me is wrong, it may or may not have helped this young man, but to not ever have been told of it is a shame. 

There is also KETAMINE for acute suicidal ideations . But people are not told these things, many times they are given a script and told suck it up. 

Its not usually the bill that comes due or the relationship that didn't work out those are the triggers. Its the cummulation of all stressors and our brain gets stuck - it just ruminates and won't let go. Thats my experience. 

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