So actually had to go out this week! We get our income form a few rentals and we had a tenant leave so we had to go out to assess clean up needs, which included taking a traitor of junk to the dump. So some interaction with others hopefully at a safe distance, wearing masks and gloves.  It felt good to be out and about but I was somewhat nervous in the interactions. Its good to be mobile enough again that I can do a lot of tasks required .,but I must admit I hired 2 guys to help with the heavy loading.

Got lots of riding in the mornings this week and kept up regular walking on the treadmill. Noticed that getting out the small car was done naturally as of old compare with the way i got out for the first few weeks where I had to pull my self out with me arms. so still seeing small improvements.

The garde is coming on, supplying squash, lettuce nd tomatoes. The latter suddenly coming into full yield. We have so much that we give lots away to our friends. Below yesterdays haul.




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Wow Kev!  It's great to hear how much things are improving for you. And those tomatoes look amazing.  So does your home, by the way.

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wow kevin so many tomatoes we planted tomatoes on our deck in a pot & I see 7-10 small green tomatoes on the wine, I am wondering whether they will ever get red or bigger than the size we have right now, I am glad things are getting back to new normal now, hope to see you in chat too when you have time.


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I'm impressed by the tomatoes, I only plant two or three plants and I am thrilled if I get six or more. Do you make your tomatoes into sauces, chutneys, jams etc? We have Italian friends who put away enough in the freezer to make dishes with pasta all winter. Glad you are noticing the improvements now and finding most tasks doable. Don't worry about the tiredness that may lessen as you get stronger.

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Some we eat with salads , some we give to friends. Deb roasts a lot with onions and garlic . Its then frozen and used later for soup base , with spaghetti and s pizza topping.

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