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happy 29th wedding anniversary to us




today is our 29th wedding anniversary. We have been through enough ups & downs in life & still thankfully standing strong. This year I made nice imovie for our wedding anniversary with romantic, meaningful Indian song playing in the background while going through our 29 years of pictures slideshow. I was hoping that kido will help me in making it, but I had used up all his goodwill for mothers day & his dad's birthday movie, so he was not in mood to help me, & if one thing stroke has taught me that if I want something I never quit & go after with full force, I am relentless in nagging, in searching, spending hours looking for the solution online & all my other resources, & I am proud to say I made 2 -3 minutes video for our anniversary & I am so very happy & proud of it.  though kido did help me convert my youtube song to mp3. but I am happy that I did it & so proud of myself. I spent solid 5-6 hours researching & making movie yesterday & did it on time & my fear in my inability is all gone now.







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Asha, you get the award for stickability, good for you. I understand kiddo running out of goodwill, when Trevor lived with us I would have a list of things I needed help with. He would do some of them and he would say: " Last job for a while Mum." And that was fine. Your family will admire you for being resourceful and even if they don't actually say it will revere you for it.

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Happy Anniversary Asha!

And you score big points for finding a way to do things yourself. It always feels good to learn something new and be able to accomplish things we didn't thinkwere possible.

Have a lovely anniversary.

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