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Stinkin' Hot!

That's what the weather forecast is for today.  We are expecting 80f 27c today. To all my friends down south and east of here, I can already hear them saying "pffftt...that's not hot!!!" We have had a late summer this year, a week ago it was only in the 60s and mid 60s, so this is a big jump.  I have been getting up early now that it really IS summer, and we have sunshine.  6am, and what a beautiful time of day.  The birds are singing, the world is still quiet.  I do my little walkabout in the garden, snip a dead bud here and there, Daisy at my side. Today I had planned to do some major pruning, but that plan has changed.  Daisy and I just finished our morning walk, and it is stinkin' hot already. We only went around our block, I don't want her to overdo it, as she doesn't do well in the heat. It's too hot to wear boots, jeans and a long sleeved shirt and get into the bushes to saw and prune.  A few fence panels are being replaced between us and our neighbours, and my bushes need to be cleared back.  Not today though.  Today will be a day of reading, painting, and card making, all with a fan blowing on me in my studio.  Getting up this early makes for a lovely afternoon siesta, to ride out the heat of the day.  Ah, life is good again!


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Sue :


once I started waking up for our son's school times  early morning after not doing for a year after my stroke & just sleeping in bed & let dad or hired help do the work  used to make me ore depressed, though once I decided to get rid of all the help & take back my duties & started waking up for our son, my whole day became so good, I started doing more exercise & started doing more things around the home & started feeling useful again. It was complete turn around in my outlook on life. longer day also made me feel good about life. hope you find similar joy in waking up early.





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I also think it is lovely to get up early in summer to enjoy the morning  activities but then I find I am tired by late afternoon. Morning oversleeping is one of my winter problems though as I wake up and decide just a few minutes more ...zzz... and wake up an hour later! But if I go down for a nap too late in the afternoon I wake up after dark and wonder what day it is! Done that a few times this winter. Thank goodness my phone has the time and date on it, pity it can't cook dinner as well.

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Card maker!!!!

I'd love to see some of your creations!


I get you with the weather. 

I lived in the UK for two years in the 90s.


Went from 0°C one day to 16°C the next.


Hottest 16° EVER!!



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