Just another week.




Well with Arizona been a Covid hot spot we continue our isolation, now almost 5 months. Days slide one into the other we have to mark them with meals to help keep track, Spaghetti Sunday, Wednesday Pizza and 'Friesday'. Can't complain to much were almost set up for it. I think about 60% of what we are eating comes off our land. We have plenty y of space to ride in the morning, in fact we have over 2miles of track on our own property. My stamina is slowly coming back. Used to be when I rode it was about it for the morning and I needed to sit and re-coup. The last few days after riding I have energy to do mini projects like we are trying to re-seed one of the horse pastures or working the green house. My headiness is mostly absent nd seems to be associated with balance. It comes back with new post stroke movement, like bending over and reaching for tomatoes often triggers it. I have become award that bad movements are left as somewhat of a habit. For example if i step off with my right leg I tend to swing the left thru like back at rehab when learning to walk again. So I'm triyng to take my first step with the left and subsequent steps then seem to follow more naturally. Other than that another quiet week.



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Habits are hard to break but step one is noticing what you are doing. I still have to remind myself to bend/lift my knee when walking. Bend and reach still gets me too its a test of your balance and proprioception. So easy to just reach that 1cm further which is enough to send you headlong into a tomato bed or onto the laundry floor(I have a front loading washer).


Look after yourself and keep going


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Weeks come and go for me, roughly the same routine each week but there are variables and as you say meals are one of them. I have been in my garden this morning, no vegetable apart from salad greens this time of the year but plenty of shrub pruning to do. Out in the winter sun is good while it lasts.


You are doing just fine, I can relate to the imbalance as Ray had so many falls over the years, broken shoulders, pelvis,  ribs etc. He would be fine for a while and when he got to feeling well would simply forget he had had a stroke and do something that caused a fall. Can't say I would have been different as an ageing brain does the same for me. Of course I can still do that. Nope!

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