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Time sure does pass fast ( sometimes)




Wow -- once it got nice out here in ND then time sped up. Ive been outside puttering. stained our deck , lots of gardening... help get my brothers home together for a estate sale.. back to more or less FT work at the office. And Dan has played "nice". So I guess I'll keep him home vs. the nursing home. With Covid  there is no way we could have managed anyways. So he is here( home) and Ive got a massive remodel planned to make it nice for both of us... It was on my to do list anyhow. 


My Middle  daughter the one from MT ( Erika) is pregnant with her first due in October. So we have a new grand baby to look forward to! That will be exciting and the tentative pplan is once the house remodel starts we'll go to MT and spend a few weeks. I told my boss that and he told me the next day that he had measured his basement and there is enough room for Dan and I to come say at his house--- LOL --- He said, he'd miss us to much if we go to MT for that long... I told him sorry , but I knew he was kidding anyways. It felt good to be appreciated. 

And, I've thus far maintained my mental health. 

I did however have a appendicitis in June - it had burst just a bit - I thought it was a back issue I had - turns out it was rebound pain ( pain that shows up in another area) . Anyhow got that out and lots of antibiotics , but did good. 

Then early July I fell outta a tree trimming branches ( yes I know call a Pro - but I had called  3 of them - no one shows up )  so I broke a few ribs and had various abrasions . My SIL found one of his friends to come and do them . He did  a great job. 


My son is buying a new place up further north in MN -- he currently lives close to the cities. But sold his place and has found a community for his family and more space for his kids to run - 5 acres . He said there is a lot of PUSH going on people who have the ability to leave city life are. And his work has went completely remote - so it brings him back closer to us.

And anytime Dan can see his son makes him happy. Ill certainly be able to go visit more often now with Dan and vice versa. 

Bethany my youngest is also buying a home, here in town -- lol-- from her mother ( me) we had bought her a small house a few years ago and she is now in a financial position that she and her husband are buying it .  She would love a little farm ( like Dan and I had prior to the stroke) but her husband doesn't have the skills or the desire it takes to maintain one.  Beth loves her animals, but we all gotta put that in our past. We have our memories.


April my oldest is busy running after her son -- sports, sports and more sports. But the kid loves it and Dan loves to watch him participate - when we can attend -- cover is making that difficult, as is the HEAT. Yes ,even in ND . We got it all - heat , humidity, bugs.... And our Covid numbers like everywhere are concerning. So we do what we can and avoid what we can.

I had to replace our furnace/ central air - and Im sure glad I did, but really had no choice as right outta the gate this spring I had no air -. 


I work as a legal assistant and generally attend the bigger trials ( jury trials) and assist my boss by keeping a record of the proceedings and kinda do a catch all of making sure that stories match / make sense ... I love it. But due to Covid we are going actually have to use our old County Court house that was built in 1880 - the historical society kept it as it was the first courthouse in ND even prior to our statehood. But our new courthouse ( built in the 1980's ) does not allow for enough social distancing . So we gotta do the Jury Trials in the old one.... NO AIR-- Uggghhh. and No decent heating in the winter.. Im not sure what I'm more afraid of. Cold or Hot. 

Dan has been so good since coming home from the nursing home that Im impressed . He is trying so hard and his behavior , while not gone is far improved. He gets up everyday - except the days that I suspect he may have had a seizure in the night. Those days he just wants to sleep. But it not like it was before when I had him home. His mood is so much better, and he doesn't do all the refusals to eat or drink. And I've given up the role of " begging him". Thats on him, eat , drink  - or don't. Its taken us 10 years almost to get to that point . But so far this time around - so good. Time will tell and Time will change. But for now - I enjoy how well we are doing. And I thank God for it.






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Nancy I thought it was a brave move when you brought Dan home but it has worked out for you. I am so pleased some of your family will be closer , I'd love that to happen but doesn't look like it will. Another grand baby is welcome news too. Not sure about the moving away while renovations are happening but you would know best how that will work out for you. Thanks for a blog filled with good news when the media is so full of bad news.

(((hugs))) from Sue.

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nancy :


so good to hear from you & all the good news from you, since Dan is in his good behavior, it reflects in your blog, your stress level has also gone down  & you are able to handle other inconveniences of life much better. I am so happy your boss appreciates your work. work becomes joy when you are appreciated for your work. Congratulations on planning to become new grandma soon & your kids moving close to you. don't be stranger & update us more frequently.



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So glad things are going well with Dan at home and you are able to travel with him.   Hope the remodel goes well and makes life easier for the both of you.   Keep cool........




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